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Thread: Our post IRMA vacation album

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    Post IRMA vacation album

    We typically vacation this time of year.
    Connecting through Princess Juliana (SXM) was different than in the past, but well organized.
    After departing the aircraft and taking a bus, you identify your's all done outside under large tents with lots of helpful staff.
    December trip 1a.jpg
    After clearing immigration we were directed to our plane.
    It was good to see Francis from St Barth Commuter and our bags made it over just fine.
    December trip 2a.jpg
    Flying in over the harbor it was great to be here.
    Arriving at our villa we found the place cleaned and painted top to bottom inside/out and ready for us, it was truly amazing that our staff was able to get the villa in such great condition. The teak furniture was refinished, along with reupholstered chairs and fresh flowers on the table.
    December trip 6a.jpg
    First night, we had excellent pizza with friends on the villa terrace from our favorite place down the hill in Flamands, Chez Rolande. Some may remember the pizza maker from L'Entracte.
    December trip 7a.jpg
    We were able to enjoy the beautiful beaches.
    December trip 10a.jpg
    All were cleaned and pristine such as Saline.
    December trip 9a.jpg
    The paddleboard and kayak place was open on St Jean and there was lots of construction activity at Hotel Tom Beach.
    December trip 11a.jpg
    We spent some afternoons over at Shell Beach.
    Attachment 44314
    December trip 12a.jpg
    The first day friends invited us to the former PiPiri Palace for a lunch special which was very good.
    December trip 13a.jpg
    Most days we had lunch on the upper villa terrace, typically from Maya's to Go.
    December trip 14a.jpg
    For wine we like Le Gout Du Vin on the upper road in Gustavia, where the proprietor David is always friendly and knowledgeable.
    December trip 14aa.jpg
    Our neighbor made dinner for us one evening and joined Caroline and me later in the week at L'Isola, which was excellent.
    December trip 15a.jpg
    We also dined at Tamarin where the restored gardens are as beautiful as ever.
    December trip 18.jpg
    Service and fare were superb.
    December trip 19.jpg
    For me, however, the top meal was at Black Ginger, and owner Patrick takes such pride in his establishment.
    Attachment 44322
    And the place is beautiful as well.
    December trip 17.jpg
    We also dined at Eddy's with Diana and Didier which was very good.
    We checked out this new, hip place in the former Strand with gorgeous views of the harbor which is a nightclub as well.
    December trip 21.jpg
    Attachment 44325
    We enjoyed a 1/2 day snorkeling trip on Jicky Marine's beautiful Catamarran, which was great as usual. We were joined by a group of ladies from NYC and San Francisco, all celebrating their 40th birthdays.
    The sea off Colombier along with the plage was gorgeous.
    December trip 22a.jpg
    We still had a few minor projects at the villa, here our electrician tweaking the garden & deck low voltage lighting. He'd replaced all the light fixtures in the home and exterior with LED and it looked nice in the evening.
    December trip 24.jpg
    On walks about the island we noticed the vegetation is returning with lots of butterflies and turtles, too.
    December trip 26.jpg
    Our last evening friends invited us out to a party at a villa up on the hillside overlooking St Jean. It was a fitting end to our trip. We sang happy birthday in our best French and lingered over this this view with a very nice local family.
    December trip 68.jpg
    The island is recovering and everyone we encountered was glad to have us.
    A great vacation.

    Note: returning though St Maarten on Winair was well organized, too.
    Flamands Blue

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    Re: St Barts Vacation post IRMA

    Busy week. The. View from your porch really opened up with the loss of surrounding foliage. I think it is a good thing. I am amazed how fast things are returning to green.

    Glad you got a chance to enjoy your home.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: St Barts Vacation post IRMA

    Thank you Jeff, so much enjoyed the pics and read!!!

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    Re: St Barts Vacation Album after IRMA

    Great journal, Jeff! Especially lovely photo of you & -- most especially -- Caroline at Tamarin!

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    Re: Our post IRMA vacation album

    Great trip report Jeff. Looking forward to staying in the villa in February. Any trouble retrieving and transferring checked bags at SXM?

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    Re: Our post IRMA vacation album

    Bill and Liz,
    We flew SBC on the inbound and Winair on the return.
    Transferring both ways was easy--- all our bags & boxes made it fine...although all we had was carry-on for the return.
    As mentioned, lots of helpful staff to expedite to the process.

    One note: we pre-printed our Delta boarding passes prior to our Winair flight.
    At Princess J. it didn't really matter since they re-printed them there.
    Also: ice cold Caribs inside the boarding area was a welcome touch.
    December trip 100.jpg
    Flamands Blue

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    Re: Our post IRMA vacation album

    The people, the vegetation, the island... all displaying amazing resilience. Can't wait to get back to your upper deck. It's one of this planet's best places to just... be. Thanks for the report, Jeff!

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    Re: Our post IRMA vacation album

    another great report Jeff. Dda & I enjoyed spending time with you guys, its always fun. I also enjoyed my walks with caroline at Grand Fond. Looking forward to your return for the bucket! enjoyed the food at galawa..........they have brought their special 17 euros lunch back to include a drink and coffee/cappuccino afterwards. Dda is there right now.


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    Re: Our post IRMA vacation album

    Great trip report Jeff! It looks like you and Caroline had a very relaxing vacation.
    I am so happy to see that the island is rebounding from Irma.

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    Re: Our post IRMA vacation album

    Sometimes it takes difficulties to appreciate what one has although one does not wish bad on anyone or anywhere. Our forecast is the island will be stronger and even better than pre Irma for many but not all, which is unfortunate.

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    Re: Our post IRMA vacation album

    thanks, nice report

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