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Thread: AXA Status

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    AXA Status

    Has anyone heard the status or recovery timeline of AXA? My flight down is to AXA where I'll spend a couple of days before St Barts but I haven't heard much about that airport. Called Delta and they said nothing has changed for the flight so I am assuming they are hearing good news for it to reopen by mid-December. Just curious what the word on the street is.

    I know the island is probably not going to be perfect when I get there but as long as I there is a beach, a beer, and a burger then I will gladly relax and give them some business.


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    Re: AXA Status


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    Re: AXA Status

    My sources tell me that it was hit about as hard as St Bart and probably a similar timeline for recovery. I would interpret that as a lot of construction in the next couple of months. Probably worth rescheduling if you were booked for October or November. December more of a "maybe" or "wait & see".

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    Re: AXA Status

    Middle of December. It definitely got hit really bad, similar to St. Maarten. From what I'm seeing there are quite a few places getting back to business and I really am only there for one full day before continuing on to St Barts. As long as I can land and find a place to sleep(if my current hotel isn't an option) then I will stick with my already booked itinerary. Hopefully AXA and the island can bounce back soon so they can get some tourists on the island. I guess i'm in that "wait and see" mode right now.


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