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Thread: St John situation

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    St John situation

    We had booked a villa on St John December 21 to 30th through VRBO.
    I reached out to the villa owner and got his response today that he would refund our deposit.
    He didn't have to do this as the reservation clearly stated non-refundable but he admitted the situation is pretty dire and his pool has damage that may not be fixed by then.

    We will make other Christmas plans and I know will will book this guys villa next Christmas.

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    Re: St John situation

    There are fair and decent people all over the world. I like that you are giving him another shot in a year!
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: St John situation

    That's pretty cool. Glad that he was good to you and, in return, you are going to book.

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    Re: St John situation

    Life, how its supposed to be.

    People, how they should always respond.

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    Re: St John situation

    My father always said "Good Things Happen to Good People" I like to think I am one of the good ones


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