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    Doing a trip later this fall and plan to spend a lot of time at all the beaches. Later in the day/evening would like a place to belly up to a bar for a beer or two. Doing some searching most places appear to become more like a club in the evenings. Any good low key bars to just grab a beer and relax?

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    Re: Bars

    Welcome to the forums. Baz Bar, Bar L'Oubli, Le Select, La Plage all fit the bill.


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    Re: Bars

    SBH doesn't get much lower key than Le Select. Some prefer Oubli Bar across the street. La Cantina around the corner can be good for a few drinks. So can Gustavia Burgers at the back of the harbor. I don't eat at Baz Bar, but I do stop by for drinks when they have live music. In St Jean you've got the beach bar at Tom Beach Hotel/La Plage restaurant. Farther into St Jean you've got Le Piment, La Terasse, Le Glacier, and Sayolita, a self-described surfer's bar.

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    Re: Bars

    Thanks, I will look into those. Found lots of great restaurant reviews on here and elsewhere that have given me some dining ideas but just hadn't found much for some calmer bars. Many bars I pulled up looked more like dance clubs at night. Looking forward to visiting(also hitting Anguilla and Saba). My parents have plenty of stories about the island but that would be from the late '70s.

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    Re: Bars

    Le Select is the only one mentioned which would have been there in the late 70's.

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    Re: Bars

    Yeah, I figure its changed a lot. My dad said their introduction to the island was landing at the airport, walking to the beach, finding a spot for some lobster and then as they sat there a group of topless women went by windsurfing. I guess that was their welcome to St. Barts. He grew up in the Caribbean but that was his first time to St. Barts.

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    Re: Bars

    My favorite low key bar is Le Piment.

    When in the fall are you planning to come? October will be quiet and many places are closed. November on the other hand will be lively.

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    Re: Bars

    We really like Sayolita...very low key, good drinks and prices...surfers...good tapas.
    For traffic/people, watching Le Piment is fun as well...had dinner there one night and it was not only packed but also surprisingly very good!
    Bagatelle has a great bar...big and with great music.

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    Re: Bars

    Quote Originally Posted by bkeats View Post
    My favorite low key bar is Le Piment.

    . . . October will be quiet and many places are closed.
    I don't find any shortage of favorite restaurants in October . . . most particularly after October 15, they're all open. (But, perhaps we go to different places!)

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    Re: Bars

    I'm actually going to be there in December. Yes, I know not the greatest time for low key but it works best for my work schedule.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm not much of a partier and prefer to have a beer or cocktail out than back at the room by myself. Sounds like some of the nice restaurants have some good cocktails so looking forward to those as well.

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