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Thread: Nungan - New Music

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    Nungan - New Music

    Nungan - who many of us know from their time playing on St Barth - had a new single, Peace and Love, drop on iTunes today.


    Their new CD, Un Jour Sur Terre, should be available shortly. I was a crowd-source funding backer of the new CD, and my copy of the CD appeared in my mailbox today.

    Time to listen to new music!

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    Re: Nungan - New Music

    Nice ....I ll check it out..I run hot and cold with her stuff...

    but check this out..this girl was a student of mine in Waterville Valley....she also worked in our shops.....Great kid...talented too...kept telling me she was going to make as a and or pop ....and she s all over Sirius Radio these days with her first release .....

    Check her out ....
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    Re: Nungan - New Music

    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: Nungan - New Music

    Peace and Love is a catchy little tune. It's now on my newly-created Summer 2017 playlist and I anxiously await Un Jour Sur Terre. it brings me great joy to be able to help bring Nungan's music to the masses as a crowd-source backer, too, Kevikins! They, and I, believe in their message of Peace and Love! Bonne chance, Annie et Benji!
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