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Thread: Villa Bikini?

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    Villa Bikini?

    My husband and I are planning a return trip this coming fall, and we are looking at villas to accommodate our family of four (children will be 6 and 8). We stayed in Kyody during our last stay and LOVED it, but the shaded pool was too cold and we never got to enjoy it. We are looking for a villa with a similar price point and amenities. Villa Bikini is on the top of our list, and I wanted to see if anyone has any input? Or other recs? Thanks so much!

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    Re: Villa Bikini?

    Check carefully-I think I heard Bikini is no longer in the villa rental market.
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    Re: Villa Bikini?

    Thank you. I heard that as well, but it shows up on several rental sites? I will definitely call to confirm!

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    Re: Villa Bikini?

    Sibarth lists Bikini as "New" on their website. I would reach out to Sibarth first, as there's a chance that they may have the primary listing if it is still (or again) on the rental market. Some of the other agencies listing the villa appear to be remarketing the villa inventory of another agency.

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    Re: Villa Bikini?

    I hope it's still on the rental market and I hope you get to stay there. It's just lovely! I stayed there some years ago and was TOTALLY pleased. However....the pool seemed to be a drinking fountain for a bat one of the evenings I decided to swim as Eve did in the Garden. I pulled a Jesus and walked on water right out of that pool! Please let us know how this works out chorne.
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    Re: Villa Bikini?

    Last we heard (but it was a few years ago) that somebody rented Villa Bikini and Surf for year(s) long period as a residence.
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