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Thread: French for "Help Yourself"

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    French for "Help Yourself"

    When it comes to 'Ti Punch, for a Saint-Barth host to express the idea that all the makings are on the bar, help yourself and prepare yours the way you like: with ice; without ice; blanc/vieux; less sweet/more sweet; less lime/more lime; etc. A host might say: Chacun prépare sa propre mort. Literally, each one prepares his or her own death.

    (Via our very own embedded reporter KevinS)
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    Re: French for "Help Yourself"

    This morning I had two people who learned the hard way that 'Ti Punch is best enjoyed in moderation. JEK has a picture of a t-shirt reading 1 "Ti Punch, 2 Ti Punch, 3 Ti Punch, Floor."

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    Re: French for "Help Yourself"

    Not mine, I do have this one however!

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    A great resource on the drink of drinks!
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    Re: French for "Help Yourself"

    Un verre ça va, trois verres bonjour les dégâts... French commercial of 1984

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    Re: French for "Help Yourself"

    With moderation, we have made Ti Punches last a whole afternoon out on the water during the Bucket, even in rough waters. They just taste better and better as the day rolls on!

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