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Thread: 9 Jersey Girls on St. Barths

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    Cool 9 Jersey Girls on St. Barths

    First of all thank you all so much, my forum stalking and questions really paid off. We left Newark late on Saturday morning, there was severe turbulence on the eastern seaboard. We all finally landed after 2pm, the time our charter was booked to depart, but no problem with SBC, we took off at 4pm. We all were not through customs until after 3, so it was pretty good. What a great flight, as we had 9 people, I "had" to sit in co-pilot seat, wow what a thrill, I sat on my hands though for fear of touching anything

    While some sorted out the car rental the rest went over to Marche U for a few quick supplies to tide us over. We were greated at the airport by our amazing villa manager. He packed up our luggage in his car and the rentals and we were off to Petite Cul de Sac and Villa Blue Lagoon. The moment we walked through the gate I knew it was the perfect spot for us. The views were incredible, it is nice and spread out among 3 buildings, plenty of room for all. The 5 bedrooms are all en suite with a half bath off the common living room. The patio space and pools were delightful, what a great place to call home for a week.

    A few of us went into Gustavia to watch the Villanova game at Bar d'oubli, a blowout game but glad we went. We hung around the villa pool on Sunday am, then headed to Nikki beach. I had made a reservation, and printed out the email, but it was for Saturday, yikes. What could have been a disaster, was a triumph instead. The manager, I assume, put us at a table on the beach, actually put two tables together, we told them one was fine. Little did we know we would need 2 to make a proper dance floor! Some of us danced the afternoon away, smiles and laughs all around, an epic time was had by all.

    Monday was a bit of a groggy am. We had a yoga instructor come to the villa at 11 am. Her name is Nanda, she is fabulous, really set a relaxing and inspiring tone for a week away. You can find her at Yoga Nanda St. Barth. We quoted her all week, it was a really special experience. We ate lunch at the villa and headed to Saline. Loved the beach, it was a bit windy, but gorgeous. We headed into Gustavia afterwards and had an early dinner, then home to the villa to watch Villanova win the NCAA championship. Probably the only time the tv was on all week.

    Tuesday am was a bit drizzly so we went shopping in St. Jean. Never made it to Gustavia, as we were loving the shops there. I had been in contact with Flo Plasse at Drugstore des Caribes, she put 9 denizen bracelets aside for me, which I customized for us. They are not the expensive ones, but perfect for us. She is great and has some cute stuff. After a stop at JoJo burgers it was back to villa for a great meal in. After dinner headed to Baz bar, Mary McBride was the band, enjoyed it very much.

    Wednesday I made it to the fish market on time, try to get there between 6 and 7. I got a whole mahi mahi filleted and skinned, cooked in tin foil with shallots, lemon slices, a little EVVO and S&P, it was fantastic. That day we headed to our own beach, Petite Cul de Sac, practically a private beach. We chilled all day, brought lunch snacks and cooler with us, very relaxing day and evening. Fell asleep star gazing poolside.

    Thursday we we made the trek to Colombier. As noted on the forum, this is THE best beach, we took the route past Flammands, not really a strenuous hike, but mind your footing. It was interesting to see the yachts who had set up tents and chaise lounges, then ferried the passengers out to enjoy the beach, with champagne buckets, etc. while we wore the ever flattering look of beach cover ups and sneakers, what a Glamour don't. Does anyone know if the Art Deco looking house above the beach is the original Rockefeller house? We had a reservation at Sante Fe that evening, wow what a meal. I had seared fois gras followed by Duck, and ended with profiteroles. All 9 dessert plates were practically licked clean.

    Friday some of our group left, so we got them to the ferry and car drop off, then off to grand Cul de Sac. So close yet very different from Petite Cul de Sac. Lots of amenities and places to eat. We had ice cream at La Gloriette, we had our own chairs so didn't worry about renting loungers. I thought this beach was a little narrower than Petite, but the water was as warm as a jacuzzi. Home and readied for a little stroll and dinner in Gustavia, got myself a nice Free in St. Barths hoodie, it was the first one sold, so I got a small discount!! Woo hoo! We walked around the harbor to Carpe Diem, really loved it and the people are great! Nice salad and goat cheese ravioli with Pesto sauce. While walking back for a taxi we stumbled upon a live band at Le Select, stayed for a couple drinks, great vibe and people watching. People where dancing everywhere, even in the streetSome of those folks would win on Dancing with the Stars!

    Saturday, so sad it was the last day. We did not have to leave the villa until 9:30 to catch our 10:15 ferry on the Voyager 2. Made the most of the last am around and in the pool. Our wonderful Pierre picked two of us up for ferry, the others got on a noon SBC flight. I really enjoyed flying in and ferrying out, a nice long goodbye to the Island. No one on the ferry even looked sea sick, it took about 45 mins to Oyster Pond, I loved it.

    Final thoughts:
    * loved our villa, the views were spectacular, maybe even more at night for stargazing, it was essentially a moonless week, so that helped
    *beaches in order of preference; Colombier, Petite Cul de Sac, Saline, Grand Cul de Sac. I prefer the quieter calm Carribean beaches, plenty of Surf at the Jersey Shore.
    *Nikki Beach on Sunday is not over rated, but I think we would have made our own fun anywhere, so 2-4 people may not have the same experience.
    *loved Sante Fe and Carpe Diem, this was a budget friendly trip so kept the foodie aspect simpler.
    *Both the flight and ferry were great, if you have motion sickness stick with plane, the price difference is neg
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    Re: 9 Jersey Girls on St. Barths

    Fabulous coverage of a girls' getaway.Loved your adventures.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: 9 Jersey Girls on St. Barths

    Great report! I'm glad you and your crew had such an enjoyable visit.
    The best moderation is the least moderation.

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    Re: 9 Jersey Girls on St. Barths

    Fabulous report- loved the 2 Villanova t-shirts. You were really prepared and I guess a lot of reading posts here as you said. When are you going back?


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    Re: 9 Jersey Girls on St. Barths

    Next year hopefully

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    Re: 9 Jersey Girls on St. Barths

    Another thing I forgot to mention was that we began and ended our week with rainbows! And with the help of etsy added a little Jersey flair to our denizen bracelets.image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

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    Re: 9 Jersey Girls on St. Barths

    Great trip report on a perfect trip! Glad your crew had a blast... Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: 9 Jersey Girls on St. Barths

    Excellent report!

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    Re: 9 Jersey Girls on St. Barths

    Just came across my own thread looking for info on how to tie the knots on Denizen bracelet, ha! But Andy We fly in on April 15th, just 4 of us this time. Staying in Anse de Cayes

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    Re: 9 Jersey Girls on St. Barths

    We stumbled on this thread and said what? How could you have gone to Santa Fe? And then we saw the date! What great memories!
    Bon Voyage soon! Please share your adventures with us!

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