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Thread: David Toutain in Paris

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    David Toutain in Paris

    I did not want to hijack Ellen's lovely post but here is our recent experience with David Toutain in Paris -

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    What an unfortunate experience, Kara. That really stinks. Thanks, however, for turning me onto your blog. I will be diving into it very soon.
    The waves of the sea bring me back to me.

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    To continue my post to Ellen on non-SBH matters -- although I think it was totally appropriate for him to deliver you guys some of his "greatest hits" it was really disappointing to see the same tricks (thing in a tube, faux risotto, pick your weapon) repeated several months later in a different season. Made the whole thing feel formulaic. We did not have Rosemond's luck with the wine and were practically begging for an occasion splash. As I said above, I think a pairing with one glass for two courses is a bit awkward but when one glass is stretched out over four courses . . . that's just not cool!

    Thanks GC. What was the most disappointing was that we had such a nice memory of celebrating our anniversary there this past summer and now that is a bit tainted. Oh well - Paris is still awesome!

    Hopper - it says a lot about how bad the wine and service were that two bad courses (one that cost us 60 euros!) were the least of our problems. He is a good chef and, although he can be a little gimmicky, the flavors are for the most part spot on.

    JEK - Ha! I hijack a thread about Toutain in SBH with ramblings about Toutain in Paris and you hijack Toutain in Paris with cocktails at George V and how to get a damn dry martini in France. I swear if I utter the word lemon or citron I end up with flavored vodka. So wrong.


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