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Thread: Getting off the island

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    Getting off the island

    Hoping someone can offer some direction, all flights both charter and commercial are full the day we need to leave the island. Any suggestions on the best way to get off the island without a flight? Any private boats for hire or are we better off taking a ferry? Would love to stay on the island as long as we can an not sit in the airport all day. (flight at 3pm).

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    Did you look at St Barth Commuter to Grand Case airport?? The taxi ride to the SXM airport is not bad.


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    I've only taken the ferry once in all of my many trips to/from St Barth. We took it TO St Maarten and it was a lovely experience. Photographing the island from that vantage point was very nice. A perspective only seen from the water. The seas weren't rough at all. I've heard that this is pretty much the norm, too.
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    Private sea transfers are a bit dear. Here are three options:

    If you choose to go this route then make sure that you allow sufficient time to clear Immigration in SXM.

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    Hmmm, maybe someone's trying to tell you stay an extra day!

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    The ferry ride from St. Barth to SXM is generally much less rough than coming from SXM to St. Barth. I wouldn't hesitate to use the ferry in that direction unless you're one who gets sea sick on calm days.
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