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Thread: La Maison Blanche

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    La Maison Blanche

    Does anyone have any info on this villa? Stayed there? Price? Anything would be helpful.

    I've searched this forum and can't find anything. We're considering staying there in April but to be honest, the price seems too good to be true for such a large, very nice villa.

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    a friend of mine stayed there about 4 years ago and I went up for sunset cocktails one evening, it is not as sleek and updated as the pricier villas but it is quite spacious and has great views. Its a bit out of the way but then again I consider anything not in Gustavia or St. Jean out of the way :)

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    ehardtke - thank you. Anyone else know anything about this villa?

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    Chap--- we stayed there for a few weeks several years ago. The view is great, and the large pool area and gazebo are very nice. The kitchen, living/dining area, and master suite are in 3 separate unconnected structures. We didn't use any of the lower level spaces since we rented it just as a 1 bedroom. The master bedroom suite is very nice---- huge bath and dressing area (but be very careful on the slippery steps into the open shower!). The kitchen was ok--- small. We didn't use it much. What we missed most was a more enclosed living space to get out of the elements when it rained or was very hot. Also, we didn't use the hot tub--- at that time it wasn't well maintained. But there is new management and that may have changed. We would consider staying there again. The driveway is steep, but nothing really any worse than other villas we have rented. Hope that helps! Message me for more info if you would like.
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    katva - Thank you very much, messaged you.

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