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Thread: Posting Photos - 2 questions, maybe 3

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    Posting Photos - 2 questions, maybe 3

    I'm having trouble posting from my phone. I was able to do it a day or so ago, but now I'm not able to. I select a photo, hit the "upload" button and nothing happens other than the little wheel spins round and round. Eventually, I get a popup error message saying, "unable to upload photos"

    Question 1 - is thing happening to the rest of you? I.E. is the site still acting funky or is it due to the wifi/internet on le island? I'm streaming Sirius radio right now so I'm getting good data flow.

    Question 1.5 - when I was able to post photos, most would take 1 or 2 minutes to upload into the thread, but every once in a while, I'd hit "upload" and within seconds the photo would appear in the thread. (this is before I'd hit the "quick reply" button). Any idea why it normally takes minutes, but sometimes takes seconds?

    Question 2 - When uploading photos from the computer (Mac) is something actually supposed to happen? When I do the upload procedure, I can select a photo using the "choose photo" button, but when I hit "upload" nothing happens. No wheel spins, no photo gets uploaded, and the popup window just stays on the screen.

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    No problem with the site



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