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Thread: Giant Grouper: 1; Four-Foot Shark: 0

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    Giant Grouper: 1; Four-Foot Shark: 0

    Martin just posted this on FB. Unbelievable.

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    never have seen that happen! Incredible! Did the grouper get away and take the shark or did you reel something in?

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    Thanks Martin! Diving in Mexico many years ago, Roger pointed at some boulders. Turned out they were grouper, as big as Volkswagens, and far scarier than the sharks all around. The snap of their jaws was chilling. Aside-have taken full advantage of "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel by watching Jaws I II and III, as well as Sharknado. Had the privilege of watching Jaws I last week while on the Vineyard, where it was filmed. :)

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    I do a good bit of diving and spearfishing off the Gulf coast of Florida. Jewfish/Goliath Grouper are usually more aggressive than the sharks. If you have a dead fish on your stringer, or shoot a fish and one of them is close by, chances are they are going to go after it.

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