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Thread: Fun On The Left Coast

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    Fun On The Left Coast

    Dan and I are enjoying a few days in Hollywood and environs before our Pacific Coast cruise LA to Vancouver starting Saturday. This Photo: formal garden at the Getty Villa, Pacific Palisades, Ca. This is a spectacular recreation of an ancient Roman villa, inspired by one of the most lavish villas in ancient Herculaneum. Though some of the treasures at the villa include Greek sculptures, Roman statues, glass and jewelry, clearly the star of the museum is the villa itself with its magnificent gardens and pools. There are more photos and descriptions of our "adventures" on my blog at Goldrush02 006.jpg
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    Just lovely. Thanks for sharing.
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    Beautiful. Enjoy your trip.

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    Your trip blogs are so enjoyable. Thanks for sharing and have a great time on your cruise.

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    That's so beautiful!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEK View Post
    Enjoy your trip!
    ?? Jim's post is over a year old. :)


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