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Thread: Montserrat trip report

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    Our family rented a great villa in 1995 at Christmas. Still remember the group who came by singing Christmas Carol's as they walked the streets. We attending midnight-mass at the lovely Church downtown, now buried. My wife and I climbed to the top of the volcano also, ahhh the sulphur smell still lingers in my mind. Oh, those were the days. NO crime at all, what a sleepy beautiful island. Makes me long to return. A professor from the university personally lead us to the best snorkeling on the island, wow, it was grand! Thanks for sharing all your pics :)

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    You bet Lloyd. Im there at least June 1-7, and looking at a few extra days fore or aft,,,

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    Your guide may have been our villa owner,, they still host the Ham's each year and have a monster crank up antenna for them at the villa we stayed at...

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    Fabulous trip report. I haven't been to the island in 25 years. Thanks for sharing!

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    Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
    Le voyage est un retour vers l'essentiel.

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    Re: Montserrat trip report

    Rest In Peace Sir George Martin.
    The best dinner on Saint Barth is a lunch at Sand Bar!

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    Re: Montserrat trip report

    One of the best trip reports posted here in recent times! If you are not, you should do these trips and reviews as a living!
    RIP George Martin- Strawberry Fields Forever!


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