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Thread: Villa KAI or Villa West Indies

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    Villa KAI or Villa West Indies

    I was wondering if anyone on here might have experience or knowledge of Villa KAI? My wife and I are looking to head down for our second trip to SBH and celebrate a 40th birthday...our first trip was in 09' for Le Select's 60th birthday party and we've been wanting to return ever since. Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    I have not stayed there but did stay right next door at Les Embruns (JMG) which is owned by KAI's brother. KAI was being built when we were there in 2009. This location is awesome! Very private and right next to Flamands beach. KAI's location in particular is unique and set out almost on a peninsula. I have intended on renting it in the future and it is one of my top 5 choices. (They do have their own website and you can rent direct from owner and avoid the admin fees.)
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    I have never stayed in Villa KAI either, but the location is nice to enjoy this more quiet side of St Barts. The villa is location on a promontory overlooking Flamands beach, but what I really like is that is close the le petit port (the small port), where you swim peacefully in the morning. If you have young kids, it is a great place to have a swim with them.
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    I think you mean La Petite Anse, not le petit port.... but yes, it is a lovely place to swim and a nice option to the rolling waves on Flamands beach...

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