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Thread: Using ATM cards from USA in ST Barts

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    I tried the chip-n-sign Amex PT ng.

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    My new Marriott Visa has a chip in it. I called Visa and they said if the machine asks for a numerical pin number, just put in 0000 and it should work. I'll find out soon enough!

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    Easy to remember pin :)
    Enjoying St Barth since 1998

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    The AMEX cards we are aware still charge the 3% foreign currency conversion fee, although the Delta AMEX card announced the fee will be dropped effective 5/1/14. We have found that the ATMs run out of cash, particularly around the big weeks such as Bucket and Carnival and often on Mondays, following the weekends. They seem to get quickly replenished. For whatever reason, sometimes we seem to have luck with them and sometimes for whatever reason we are not able to retrieve cash from them. We do not have a chip card but understand soon most of the U.S. cards will have them for improved security purposes. Beware, if you want to purchase gas, after hours, you are not able to without a chip card. That happened to us when we wanted to fill up our rental car before turning it in. Odile, at Gump's, did not charge us any extra because we have been good customers of hers for a long time.


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