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Thread: Jimmy catches a Big Tuna

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    Jimmy catches a Big Tuna

    I would have loved to enjoy that big boy with him.
    It was my first look, baby that's all it took

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    Jimmy Buffett reels in a very big tuna

    4:25 AM, Aug 23, 2013 | 1 comments

    Jimmy Buffett is happy after reelig in a 350-pound tuna off the Nantucket waters Wednesday. (Photo: Jimmy Buffett)

    It's not a shark. Or even a landshark, for that matter.
    But it is one very big tuna.
    And Jimmy Buffett was all smiles on Wednesday after reeling in this catch.
    "Look what ran into my line this morning!" he tells USA TODAY through his rep.
    The singer/songwriter/surfer, 66, caught a very large tuna in the ocean waters off Nantucket while enjoying a day off between Jones Beach concerts in the New York area. It weighed in at 350 pounds and was 74 inches long.
    That's one big fish, Jimmy!
    And no, his publicist assures USA TODAY, it's not a stunt for his upcoming Broadwaymusical, Big Fish. But it sure could be.
    In fact, Jimmy's rep tells USA TODAY that he was surprised by the catch, which took him about an hour to reel in.

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    Same photo, better version.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Just to keep things in perspective's only legal by two inches

    But well done
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