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Thread: Musical Track Mastering

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    The music undergoes many stages while getting made. Creating music involves expertise as well as experience. The process of music creation includes recording, mixing, editing and mastering the musical tracks. When the album has more than one track, the mastering service becomes even more important. When the albums are mastered, a great deal of uniformity is added. The tracks are made synchronous by adding equal spaces between the songs, controlling the volume of the song and making it sound sweeter. The mastered song is ready for the radio and is commercially marketable. When mastering has been accomplished, the sound of the song comes clean. Mastering is an indispensable process which calls for care. Mastering services are now also available online. The online mastering services are affordable and easy to access. The mastering engineer knows how best to master the audio, without compressing the dynamics out of the track. Musicians have realized the importance of a mastered track. They are now all willing to get their audio tracks mastered. This is the result of the high competition in the music industry and the growth in demand for high quality music. Mastering makes the audio tracks, radio ready. When the tracks are played on a commercial medium, the effect of mastering becomes obvious.mastering engineering calls for a great deal of knowledge and a pair of trained ears. The recorded track needs to be heard from a new perspective, for the mastering engineer to detect any sort of deficiencies in the track.

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    Yep. Doing the "masters" right is crucial and very important. A true skill.

    Welcome on board.

    Those that are interested in your services, on this site, now know who you are and what you do.

    Ya done any work with SBH or SXM artists? (Local recommendations are always a big plus.)
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    Thank you for your insight and letting us know what goes in to mastering so we can enjoy the end product and share the joys of listening to music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEK

    Yep. Guess I was a little too subtle in my initial response.

    But, a good mastering engineer can make the difference in the final music product. I wonder how this "guy" found this site and then posted?
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