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Thread: Snowbird Mountain Lodge

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    Snowbird Mountain Lodge

    What a great week!...the weather was beyond belief good...70's and sunny in the day....30's and clear starlit nights.....checked out of Snowbird this afternoon...chilling at friends house on Lake Santeelah down the road from the lodge today watching football, BBQing, and drinking beer on the lake.... we fly out tomorrow

    here's some pics

    Snowbird Lodge

    As good as it gets as far as Mountain Lodges go....tucked away....private...great food ( great local trout, duck and pork on the menu ).....nice feature is if you tell them you are hiking the next day you tell them what you want for lunch and they make it, wrap it up, and put it into a thermal backpack for you and hang it on your door..and the best part??? Phones...very weak cell signal and no wifi!!!!!

    Main Lodge

    Our Cabin....

    Perfect....indoor and outdoor Hot Tubs...two person shower which is also a steam room }:| }:| ..wet bar....fireplace...deck facing west for sunsets..

    What did we do???...
    ...hike....hike...and hike some more...some boating...some motorcycling....

    some sights

    Biggest Maple Trees I have ever seen...300+ years old

    The Mountain Ash were in full color

    A Splash of Color

    Bald River Falls

    We came upon this view when we hit a meadow full of wild strawberries, at the highest point in the area at 5400 feet....this is why the Smokies are called the Smokies..all the folds between the mountains cut out by rivers create a sometime all day smokey fog


    We heard about a hike which ended on a knoll which faced east and was an outstanding vantage point to see up we got and out we went in the predawn hour, and it was well worth it. Especially when I sang "Here Comes the Sun" to my bride...LOL

    After checking out we headed down the road to our friends lake house and took in a boat ride

    DaVinci once said "A Day Well Spent Leads to Happy Sleep"

    well describes our extraordinary week in the mountains of Carolina
    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" Jimi Hendrix

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    Snowbird Mountain Lodge

    Carolina-you guys did great. Thanks for taking the time to post. So cool to hitch along on all the posters' trips to places I never get to see myself. Safe travels Mike and Wendi.

    Yes, I did notice the huge library at the Lodge!
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: Snowbird Mountain Lodge

    Excellent mon ami. Nice place. WE could do that very easily. Eagles are whipping Atlanta- who would have thought.


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    Re: Snowbird Mountain Lodge

    I envy you, my friend. What a great lodge and even greater scenery. I'm glad for you and your bride!
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    sounds like an awesome trip! great photographs, too! keep enjoying your trip ...and each other!!!
    The waves of the sea bring me back to me.

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    Re: Snowbird Mountain Lodge

    Double WOW.

    Really stunning photos and a beautiful lodge.

    Glad you had fun.

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    Re: Snowbird Mountain Lodge

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I heard "Carolina In the Pines" while looking at your photos. (In my head, anyway.) Our Carolina experiences are driving through on 95 en route to Florida at 3 am. The scenery and accomodations are different. You won. Happy anniversary.

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    Re: Snowbird Mountain Lodge

    The best moderation is the least moderation.

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    Snowbird is a fabulous place. We stayed there with our wine group some 20 years ago and in the same area with our kids.

    Joyce Kilmer is an unreal forest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieh
    Joyce Kilmer is an unreal forest.
    it sure is!..what a great hike that was
    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" Jimi Hendrix


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