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Thread: Cabo San Lucas

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    Cabo San Lucas

    Planning a trip to Cabo next Spring for my wife and I which has to conincide with a business trip to Vegas. This will be our once a year get-a-way and will replace our annual trip to St. Bart's.

    Looking for a comparable forum and/or travel site to determine lodging and

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Cabo San Lucas


    I don't think there is a comparable travel site anywhere like this one!

    Tripadvisor was a decent reference when I went to Cabo a couple years ago.

    Here's my review of our hotel.

    Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

    Dining ideas:

    French Riviera Restaurant

    Mi Casa


    If you want to break the bank, Charlie Trotter has a place at Las Ventanas.

    We went to Cabo Wabo a couple nights and had a pretty good time. (mas tequlia)

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    Re: Cabo San Lucas

    Can't comment about Cabo (I just went through a lot of research on Cabo, but ended up booking SB instead). I can give you some LV info though, since I just returned from a week there. The Palazzo is a pretty nice hotel, and relatively inexpensive for the quality. Charlie Trotters has a great fish restaurant there. I walked through the Wynn, and that looked pretty nice also.
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    Re: Cabo San Lucas

    I can beat Cabo if your looking for a laid back SBH type experience in mexico, try this one.
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