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Thread: Vieques...the next St. Bart?

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    Vieques...the next St. Bart?

    This has been our year to find the "next"or perhaps the "old" St Bart. Posted about Les Saintes last December, now it is Vieques. It may be St. Bart 25 to 30 years ago..with a Spanish flair.

    Getting there: JFK to SJU on Jet Blue, overnight in Best Western at airport. Early morning flight to Vieques on Cape Air. Had a scheduled flight at 8:40...the earliest of the day, but they had to get a plane to Vieques so we were there by 7:30...before the Car Rental or Hotel opens for the day. Seamless travel, much easier than gettin to St. Bart.

    Hix Island House: Fantastic!!! Looks intimidating, yet interesting. Take a look at website Not for everyone. But incredibly beautiful grounds...rooms are completely open, designed to catch trade winds, no AC, no windows, all concrete, but like luxury camping....indoor out door all at once. Wonderful low chemical pool. Incredible manangers and staff. Provisions for breakfast in your room, order fresh every day. Very simple, but luxurious too. Cannot say too many good things about it.

    The beaches...island filled with beautirul, almost empty beaches. Most are off rough dirt roads...Jeep or similar mandatory. Sun bay is the public beach with easy access...also great. And the biolumescent bay is something everyone should experience. Navia and Garcia were my favorites.

    The island...very lush, over 50% government lands that will never be developed.
    Hills with great views of sea and surf...but not as dramatic as SBH. High end luxury villas are being built that rival St. Bart...but it is just starting to develople. The two towns Isablel II and Esperanza are being spruced up, and the infrastructure is being improved. That means work is being done, especially in Esperanza, and there is traffic and noise. The end results will be charming.

    Eats: Road side stands to luxe restaurants. The restaurant at Bravo Beach Hotel is a bit of St Bart with sea views. Media Luna very nice, as was tradewinds for breakfast lunch and dinner.

    Shopping: None (I do not go to St. Bart to shop so it is not important to me.) It will come as the island develops.

    Safety: I understand that there is some petty theivery, and that you should be cautious,but we did not have problems. We felt very safe there, even as a same sex couple. We were concerned after the recent beating on St. Maarten. There seem to be three types of people on the island...the original locals...the mainlanders who came many years ago....and the new visitors. They are all friendly with one another, but at the end of the day go separate ways.

    All in all, a great time, and I would go back in a heartbeat. I think the island is on the brink of becoming something very special and intimate. The local population does not want it to become Cancun. Is it St.Bart? Will it become a place a beautiful and relaxing as St. Bart..very possible. I am a sun, book, relax, eat was perfect for me.

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    Re: Vieques...the next St. Bart?

    Thanks for a great report. I am very intrigued by Vieques and hope to get there soon!


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