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Thread: Carpe Diem vs Kyody vs SIB FAN

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    Carpe Diem vs Kyody vs SIB FAN

    Hello all, your posts have been very helpful. Just narrowing down possible honeymoon stays. Each one looks better then the other. Does anyone know the real info on them? It would be greatly appreciated....
    Carpe Diem, Kyody, SIB FAN

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    Re: Carpe Diem vs Kyody vs SIB FAN

    Carpe Diem is directly behind the Carl Gustav Hotel. I don't know whether that appeals to you or not. Kyody gets virtually no afternoon sun. SIB FAN is very private and gets plenty of afternoon sun. It has a great view too.
    Hope this is helpful.

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    Re: Carpe Diem vs Kyody vs SIB FAN

    We stayed at FAN last year. I liked the villa a lot. The set-up is nice with the bedrooms located in a separate house from the livingroom/ kitchen and the pool btw the 2. Good view of the water and the planes taking off and landing. It was very private also. Good outdoor stereo system also. Shoot me an e-mail or PM if you want more specific info or pics.

    Had a drink at Kyody with the owner. Liked that villa a lot too. Awesome view. We will probably stay here in the near future.

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    Re: Carpe Diem vs Kyody vs SIB FAN

    Hey Hotlantian,

    I've been told that Carpe Diem doesn't have a "real" kitchen (no oven, stove) so in that regard, I guess you would have to take most meals out (and no chance of a private catered meal) if that's okay by you. But the price looks good in the summer months. SIB FAN looks nice as well, and the TV/DVD in bedroom is one of the more unique amenities available.

    Good luck searching. But be careful, it becomes addictive after a while. It will take over your thoughts completely. You dream like it's a Wimco site, and you talk to friends constantly about "positives and negatives" regardless of the subject. I was a slave to the search (my honeymoon is coming up in 47 days!! Reality Check!!) and I really think I've looked at each villa twice and some nearly a dozen times. Finally we just chose one and said enough. It's going to be great no matter where you are (that's what I've been told and that's what I believe) so just don't kill yourself.

    By the way, your Braves aren't looking so hot down there in hotlanta. LOL.

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    Re: Carpe Diem vs Kyody vs SIB FAN

    So true, Bradleyman ... I was in the same boat (pun intended!). We chose two honeymoon villas and I'm STILL looking at every other one and oohing and ahhing. One of my honeymoon villas is Kyody, incidentally; will be there from July 11-18, so I can provide details after that. Will be in Manon on the other side of the isle for the second week. See -- I had such a hard time choosing villas that I went with a split! I'm sure we're going to be addicted to the first one and not want to leave, and then get addicted to the second one -- hey, at least that's the plan. The owner of Manon is a member of this forum, I believe; the owner of Kyody is also great to deal with. Seems you can't go wrong. No afternoon sun? Hit the beaches!
    Only 46 days ...
    South Philly vs. St. Barth -- Hmmm ...

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    Re: Carpe Diem vs Kyody vs SIB FAN

    To all, thanks for the feedback. I know I am doing the same thing that Sandy and Bradleyman are doing, but I said this will be the week I am making the decision. So I promise this will be the last of the questions. We were already leaning toward Kyody and FAN, so the input really helped. Do you guys know if there were any mosquito problems or wind problems with either villa?

    And I know the Braves are having a tuff year of it, so have your fun now. Hopefully it will be the Falcon


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