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Thread: Palm Beach

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    Palm Beach

    Any follow SBHer's visit Palm Beach recently? I was there 2 years ago. My wife and I are going for a weekend in 2 weeks. Staying at the Ritz, which we have stayed at before. Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on Resturaunts or things we should do. Mostly it will be a "relax and sit around the pool vacation", but I would like to here some ideas. Thanks.

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    Re: Palm Beach

    Restaurants you should try include the restaurant at the Four Seasons and Cafe Europa. The formal restaurant at the Breakers gets good reviews as well. Walking Worth Avenue is fun as is looking at the mansions on A1A. Enjoy the Ritz: beautiful hotel, great service, and staff.

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    Re: Palm Beach

    Places to dine
    A MUST........
    Bizaare Ave Cf...922 Lake Ave LAKE WORTH west of Dixie. serving 11:30 lunch-on... Fun place...only wine and beer

    Next door to Bizaare
    Couco Pazzo.....same bldg. Cafe Couco has dinners other lighter food, pizza/sandwiches....GOOD... nice bar

    Irish Pub....going East towards ocean on LAKE...loud music, food good..also outside eating .

    Too Jay Deli on LAKE another block East...good

    Key WEST CROSSING......good ice full of gifts.novelty

    John G's on the Lake Worth Beach...a must for Breakfast...Almond Cinnamon French Toast..omlets... Lots of people love their fish and chips for lunch. they start serving lunch at 11:00 only open 'til 3:00

    4 SEASONS We like the Bistro-presentation great and food very good. Can eat outside or in if it is hot.

    West Palm
    CITY PLACE....a fun pretty area....
    LEGAL SEA FOODS very good take reservations
    CHEESECAKE FACTORY...always busy-franchise but GOOD
    we haven't been down to City Place on Fri and Sat nights this summer..I am not sure if they still have the bands...Did in July. Parking ramp FREE..very crowded on weekends in evening.

    On Datura...Spoto's Oyster Bar....VERY good

    Palm Beach
    Cafe l"Europe County Rd..opening again Sept 5th. Pricey but very good
    BREAKERS several areas to eat....well known and good
    Amicie Bar Ristorante...County Rd..good...seating close together

    always fun to walk THE AVE (Worth) after eating at the following:
    TABOO on Worth Ave. Resevations...WE like.Very well known. Good service

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    You do realize that this thread is 11 years old and the people who posted no longer post on this site.


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    I don't think that makes any difference to Herryjohn..
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    Brendan! Let me tell you some names of the best resturants in Florida:
    Toro Toro Restaurant & Bar
    VERO Italian
    Godiva Chocolatier Miami
    Real Cafe
    Osteria Vecchio Piemonte
    Cheescake Factory
    El Mago de las Fritas
    Kush Wynwood


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