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Thread: Honeymoon Suite at Carl Gustaf

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    Honeymoon Suite at Carl Gustaf

    I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on the honeymoon suite at the Carl Gustaf. It is the cheapest room at the Gustaf (which is still a lot) but was wondering if it is worth the price. The views of the bay look great, but I am a little concerned with the room. We are staying a majority of our trip at the Cap Juluca Hotel in Anguilla and want a little change of pace from complete seclusion and thought the Gustaf would be a good choice since it is in Gustavia. I have read the posts on Villas, and know most people prefer them, but we will only be there for 3 nights, and kind of want a hotel atmosphere since Cap Juluca is such a secluded hotel. Any other romantic hotel ideas would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Honeymoon Suite at Carl Gustaf

    Take a look at Isle de France. It's on Flamands beach, has really beautiful rooms and cottages, a friendly atmosphere where guests congregate around the pool for cocktails and a lovely restaurant. Or perhaps Eden Rock. I'd never recommend Carl Gustaf to any one. It personally think other than for cocktails to watch the sunset, it's an awful property.

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    Re: Honeymoon Suite at Carl Gustaf

    I agree with the previous poster. We normally do a week in St. Barths, and a week at Cap. I would do St. Barths first, shop till you drop, buy some wines and champagne to bring to Cap with you. You will love Cap, the beach is fabulous, very different than St. B., but both are wonderful.

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    Re: Honeymoon Suite at Carl Gustaf

    It's a great room with a great view!! The reason it is cheaper is because it dosn't have a pool. Just a Jacuzzi.
    Had the pleasure of staying in that room years ago

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    Re: Honeymoon Suite at Carl Gustaf

    I have stayed at Carl Gustaf one time years ago & prefer only sunset drinks & an ocassional dinner. Property is nice, but if you are looking for 'a little more action than remote' & a lap pool or jacuzzi, I suggest the Eden Rock Harbour House with lap pool or perhaps Tom Beach Hotel, both on St. Jean Baie, not remote & a walk only to many things to enjoy. Pics are available on both websites.


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