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    Tom Beach Email

    Anyone have a good email address for Tom Beach? The email address on there web page does not currently work. Thanks.

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    Re: Tom Beach Email

    I stayed there recently and picked a brochure. I will look for it over the weekend and see if it has the email address. FYI - their website is woefully outdated. The hotel looks very little like the website pictures. Only the pool is the same. Highly recomend it if you are looking for a lively location.

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    Re: Tom Beach Email

    Thanks for the reply. We spent several days on the beach and at lunch at Le Plage in July, 2002 and met several new yorkers staying at Tom Beach. For the price of a room we saw behind the pool off the garden the location on the beach it is hard to beat.

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    Re: Tom Beach Email

    Greg, hi.. We were in St B in January and while we stayed at Le Manoir, we lived at Tom beach (La Plage) almost every day. Just went through all my brochures and unfortunately cant find TOm Beach's but might know where I can get the info for you. We took a look at the rooms - very nice. Talked to people who were staying there and loved it. Not sure what floats your boat but it is definitely not the kind of place where you would go for peace and quiet. The restaurant/beach bar - La Plage - gets pretty wild in the afternoons. We alwayd had great food, wine and service there and the beach is beautiful. If I can find the info for you will send it right away. have you done a search on Google?
    Ciao for now,

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    Re: Tom Beach Email


    Tom Beach Hotel will soon - end of next week - have a complete spread within St. Barths Online: index.html

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    Re: Tom Beach Email

    pok--thanks very much for a working email for tom beach.


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