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Thread: Wine etiquette circa 1934

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    Wine etiquette circa 1934

    We have a friend who has an antique bookstore in San Francisco and she specializes in cookery and drinking. She had these gems on her Twitter feed today.


    The best dinner on Saint Barth is a lunch at Sand Bar!

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    Re: Wine etiquette circa 1934

    That's fun, but the rule about what food goes with each type (red, white) has long ago faded away. As for reds, don't heat or ice is a good rule. I really dislike the practice of serving red wines chilled. They should be served at room temperature or only slightly cool as from a wine cellar.
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    Re: Wine etiquette circa 1934

    So full of playful personality…love these!

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    Re: Wine etiquette circa 1934

    November 2001, after long eventful trip, 2 flights, one delay and a thorough search by armed soldiers in Miami, and a ferry ride after dark we arrived in Gustavia. Next day's lunch at Le Marine was a great thin crust pizza with a really cold chardonnay. For any pizza I would recommend White wine. Memories, some wonderful, some not so much, but an adventure.

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