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Thread: Day #11

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    Day #11

    3 more days to go. Normally with a short vacation we are squeezing as much in as we can. Now we are just going with the flow. Late start this morning then hanging at St. Jean. Luka got up early to put out our beach chairs and umbrella. Then lunch at Le Rivage. Highly recommended. A marvelous toes in the sand experience. Even had a chicken join us for lunch. No the chicken was not lunch. A bit pricy menu however 2 glasses of wine, 1 margarita, cod fritters, burger and fries around $97 euros. The cod fritters were exceptional. They infused the fritters with sauce that squirted out when one took the first bite. A long drive because of the detour and it was hot! Top down a/c on still hot. Then got caught behind a dump truck that finally turned towards Saline. Wonder where they were dumping all the broken cement? Back to the beach for a swim and hanging then back at the villa for pool and tennis. Took Phil and Amy’s advice and had dinner at Carl Gustaf. Had not visited since our honeymoon and it was amazing. Service and food extraordinary. I wonder how long it will take us to calm our digestive systems down from all this incredible food once we return to NYC

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    Re: Day #11

    Could someone knowledgeable flip my pics around. Thanks

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    Re: Day #11

    Thanks for reporting on Le Rivage!

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    Re: Day #11

    Quote Originally Posted by Cwater View Post
    Could someone knowledgeable flip my pics around. Thanks
    I edited your post and flipped them. Easy to do this before posting - just edit in your phone and crop a tiny bit from any landscape image and they will then post correctly. It appears that you did something to reduce the size before you posted as your images are quite small.

    Here is the full tutorial on posting and correcting errors.
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