Day #10
Coming down the stretch. Four more days to go. The difference between one and two weeks is amazing. No pressure. No worries just flowing. Started the day at the street fair. Weather kept many vendors away however Cheryl picked up some fun jewelry. Weather started clearing up around 10 so we spent the day at St. Jean. Lunch at Líll Rock which totally rocks! A wonderful toes in the sand experience. Home at 5.00 for a swim in the pool. Getting ready for dinner at Le Repair and start watching an old movie on TMC. An old Warren Beaty and Angela Lansbury Karl Malden Eva Marie Saint called I believe when they fall. If someone has more info please correct. If we had food in the villa or access to take out we would have stayed home and watched it. That is the difference between one and two weeks. Finally left for Le Repair and we run into Phil and Amy! They invite us to join them and we pull two tables together. What a fun evening! They are amazing and gracious people. Back at the villa watching an old Rockford Files. Off to Le Rivage for lunch and Fourquet tomorrow night. Sleep well St. Barth friends and see you on the beach.