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Thread: Day # 5 C & C

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    Day # 5 C & C

    Day #5

    Lazy morning at the villa. However we wished to get some morning exercise in so after 7.00 am Morning Stretch we are off to Nikki Beach part of St. Jean for stretching, kicking and swimming. We had the beach to ourselves until dozens of kids came on to the beach for a summer camp. Kids do not need any motivation to have fun. They look at sand and start giggling. Adults could learn something from that.

    Off to Sereno to join Phil & Amy for lunch. 1st we find the new Gloriette Le Rivage and it is lovely. Lunch reservations for next Monday. Lunch at Sereno was amazing. Food, company and ambiance incredible. We honeymooned at Sereno when it was called El Sereno back in 1987. We just fell in love with the island. I remember that we didn’t know about different electric back then. 220 120 who knew? We arrive and need to plug in our contact lens case. Yes back then we had to boil our contacts. We try to plug in and guess what…surprise! We called the front desk and suggested we talk to the chef. He asked us to bring our lenses to the kitchen. He boiled the lenses for us every night. That’s when we fell in love with our happy place. Of course the food was amazing. Honeymoon first night Guanahani, then le Flamboyant up the hill, then pelican, then chez Francine, Annais, sapoltier, and of course Au Port. Memories. Back at St. Jean after an amazing 3 hours hang with Phil and Amy. Then to the villa for almost a nap then out to Bagatelle for dinner. The views are incredible and the truffle pizza to die for. The clams appetizer sauce was amazing that we kept it to dunk the pizza in. Back at the villa for a well deserved nights sleep. Observations…lots of construction on the island however it is bearable. One more thing…the scooter people please make sure you are not high when you are driving up my butt. Thanks and see you on the beach.

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    Re: Day # 5 C & C

    What a fantastic day . . . complete with memories of great times & places! All fun to read!


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