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Thread: Day 2 C & C

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    Day 2 C & C

    St. Barth 06.25.22. 2nd day 1st full day.

    Slept in as we recovered from our ordeal from NY to SBH however we are in our happy place! Discovered that I need to move Morning Stretch from 7.45 to before 7.30 due to the construction that begins at around that time. Morning Stretch and Daily Dose of Chi 4u can be found under Facebook Moving Mindful Technologies. Just getting our St. Barth groove and balance back. Breakfast at the villa, on the beach at St. Jean by 10.00 am where we got to watch the joy of kids during Summer Camp. Swimming, finning and hanging out in the water is our mo during our vacation. Lunch at Pearl…the best french fries on the Island. Chicken Caesar salad and Mahi mahi burger amazing as well. Rain at around 3.30. When we were staying at Emaraude Plage we would hang out under the umbrella because our room was just big enough to shower and sleep. Then I declared, “we have a villa” and that is where we find ourselves now. Sipping a wonderful Hermitage white Paul Jaboulet and enjoying menguy’s cacahuetes which I can only find at the super U.

    Now its 6.10 and we are off to Bonitos. Lots of activity in Gustavia. We find out later there is some type of street race. We pull down the hill in front of Bonitos and someone comes out with a bucket and a mop saying that the valet will be here in 15 minutes. The restaurant was not open as of yet. We drove looking for a spot and for the 1st time in forever I did not find a spot. Also Cheryl’s knees are barking so the hill was to be too much. We finally pulled in front of Bonito’s again and I just left the car in front and went into dinner. They finally did valet the car. The service and ambiance was spectacular. Food pricey and very, very good. Not extraordinary. They did ask at the end to leave a tip for the team.

    We then drive to the Nikki Beach part of St. Jean to walk the beach. 2 girls walk ahead of us on the beach carrying napsaks. They see a friend at Nikki who pulls a table out. They wrap a red tablecloth on the table, bring out wine and breads and cheese. Then sit on the beach to eat. A wonderful St. Barth experience. Down the beach someone is having a beach party while boats are delivering new people to the party. Glad we are not renting on that beach tonight. Sleep well St. Barth friends and see you on the beach.

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    Re: Day 2 C & C

    Quote Originally Posted by Cwater View Post
    They did ask at the end to leave a tip for the team.
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    Re: Day 2 C & C

    I like Bonito. They have been good to us. They shouldn't ask for tips. Tacky.
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    Re: Day 2 C & C

    Thanks for feedback on Bonito. Beach walk sounds great!


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