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Thread: New Lorient hotel a no go

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    New Lorient hotel a no go

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    Re: New Lorient hotel a no go

    who would want to go to a residue beach lounge anyway ? sounds most unattractive
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    Re: New Lorient hotel a no go

    Here’s the entire article from Le Journal, as translated by Google. The permit may have been pulled, but the project may still be alive:

    By a decree dated March 17, the executive council of the former majority of the Territorial Collectivity, chaired by Bruno Magras, took the decision to proceed with the withdrawal of a building permit. This was granted on November 22, 2021 to SC Management SAS to build a beach restaurant as well as occasional hotel accommodation on an area of ​​1,931 square meters. Of the six members of the executive council, only Marie-Angèle Aubin opposed the granting of this permit during the initial vote. The news of the future establishment of an establishment on the beach of Lorient had immediately raised protests from the residents. Grouped into a collective, they expressed their disagreement and their dissatisfaction with the Collectivity by sending it an informal appeal in order to request the withdrawal of the deliberation of the executive council of November 22, 2021. The Collectivity sent a letter of “contradictory procedure” to SC Management SAS and, after receiving their responses, the executive board voted unanimously to withdraw the building permit. To justify this decision, the executive council advanced "a deliberately erroneous land boundary" which masks the fact "that part of the project is actually located in the natural zone of the urban planning map". In its deliberation, the EC refers to "a fraudulent presentation" and therefore rejects the application for a building permit. A decision that can be challenged before the administrative court by SC Management SAS.

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    Re: New Lorient hotel a no go

    We don't need any hotels or restaurants on Lorient Beach!!

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