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Thread: Now « Pass Vaccinal »

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    Now « Pass Vaccinal »

    The former « pass sanitaire » is now « pass vaccinal ».
    A negative test is no longer accepted «pour accéder aux activités de loisirs, restaurants et bars, foires ou transports publics interrégionaux ».
    Vaccine including booster in last few months now required.

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    Re: Now « Pass Vaccinal »

    Interesting. Quebec is hitting people where it hurts: Vax passport for marijuana and alcohol sales and a new "vax tax" to offset cost of the public-funded healthcare for the unvaxxed who spend so much extra time in ICU ... A bit agressive, but first dose appointments went through the roof.

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    Re: Now « Pass Vaccinal »

    Do you need to be boosted to go to a restaurant in St Barth, yet ??? Or is that coming...

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    Re: Now « Pass Vaccinal »

    The pass vaccinal bill contains this amendement that enables prefects to adapt the regulations for overseas territories in consultation with the local government according to local circumstances. This was introduced by a National Assembly député from Guadeloupe to address the low vaccination rate there.

    I will leave it to the French speaking legal scholars to debate if an appeal could be advanced based on maintaining consistency with St Martin if their low vaccination rate leads to modifications or whether the wording might be broad enough to allow for St Barth to request modifications for reasons other than the recorded vaccination rate.

    I expect M. le Président will let us know his thoughts soon enough…

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    Re: Now « Pass Vaccinal »

    "Implementation of the pass vaccinal has, for the time being, been postponed" and pass sanitaire regulations remain in effect through a prefectural decision according to Le Journal on FB.

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