THE SINT-MAARTEN - SAINT-BARTH AIR ROUTE AMONG THE 50 MOST USED IN THE WORLD IN 2021 TO 08/01/2022 The news may seem surprising. However, according to analyzes published by the OAG (global travel data provider), the air route between Princess Juliana International Airport in Sint-Maarten and Rémy-de-Haenen Airport in Saint-Barthélemy, was in 2021 the 23rd most used road in the world. An article on the Routes website devoted to analyzed data from the OAG describes the fifty most frequented roads during the past financial year. It is noted that 49 of the 50 main routes by flight frequency were national. The only international route lasts only 15 minutes and it is precisely the one that connects Saint-Barth to Sint-Maarten. Eleven of the top 50 busiest destinations were between Chinese airports while India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and the United States each have four domestic routes in the rankings. But these are two routes from South Korea that occupy the top of the standings. The one that connects Jeju airport to Seoul Gimpo, with 85,880 flights recorded in 2021 (or about 235 per day), and the one between Seoul Gimpo and Busan (34,897 flights). Installed in 23rd position, the Saint-Barth - Sint-Maarten route has 20.2016 flights in 2021. Just behind the Tokyo Haneda - Osaka route (Japan, 20,347 flights) and ahead of Guangzhou - Shanghai Hongqiao (China, 19,957 flights). Even the route between Las Vegas and Los Angeles (17,443 flights) was less crowded than that between Saint-Barth and Sint-Maarten.