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Thread: Lovely local family video

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    Lovely local family video

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    From November 6th, 2021 to the 20th I spent time with family and friends in St Barth. The main reason was to entomb my mom's ashes next to my father's. My sister and her partner left the first week and I stayed for one more week, hoping to relax during that time. That didn't happen. When family wants to get together for a meal or a get together, and there's a lot of family to begin with, it's hard to relax. But it was a great time nonetheless. Most of the music used comes from YouTube's audio library, I also used commercial music that I do not own the rights to. With that being said I invite you to enjoy this, my latest adventure to what is truly the happiest if not most beautiful place on planet earth.
    Jean Blanchard
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    Re: Lovely local family video

    Thank you for sharing your precious family time with all of us. A great ride and fantastic editing with music.Sorry for your loss.

    So often true, home is where the heart is.

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    Re: Lovely local family video

    What a great video. For the first several visits most of this, sadly, was invisible as we scurried from the villa, to a beach, then lunch, back to the villa, then to dinner and finally back to the villa. Wake up and repeat. Recently, we've slowed down a bit and started taking in more of our "quartier". Next May, we may have to slow down a bit more. Thanks for the link.


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