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Thread: Arrival to SBH by Ferry

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    Arrival to SBH by Ferry

    I know it is still very early for our trip next summer and I'm sure things will change by then but I'm trying to figure out the best way to travel to St. Barth from Anguilla with current restrictions. As things stand now it seems arriving by ferry might be the easiest. From what I can find online it appears that when arriving to St. Martin by water from a low risk country (which Anguilla is) no test is required. For travel on to St. Barth (as of 22 Sep) the Great Bay Express only lists needing to show proof of vaccination for travelers over the age of 12 (it appears tests are only required if not vaccinated). Has anyone traveled by ferry recently that can confirm this is true? And if anyone has experience traveling between Anguilla and St. Barth any information would be appreciated! My other thought is a charter flight from AXA to SBH but that of course would come with a much steeper price tag which I would prefer to avoid if possible! Thanks in advance all!

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    Re: Arrival to SBH by Ferry

    I can't be of any help, but just one thing to think about. The rule may not only be where you are coming from and how you are arriving (plane, ferry, etc) but at least sometimes it also depends on where else you have been the past 14 days. So unless you are in Anguilla for a couple of weeks a test may technically still be required. Whether they check or not or even ask is of course a different story but I play it on the cautious side and follow the rule even if the practice is more lax. My theory is you never know when you may get the one person who follows the rule as written.


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