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Thread: Pre-trip Report

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    Pre-trip Report

    Thought I would post my adventures of traveling down, through SXM, so anyone questioning the process can walk through it with me. In May, we overnighted in SJU, and it was a breeze, sort of. And it was only me and Jim. But this time we are going through SXM. And my sister, who is a bit apprehensive, is going with us. So it’s a little like juggling cats The main reason we are going through SXM is that I chartered a SBC plane from SXM to SBH for a family trip 18 months ago. So I wanted to use up the credit, so I could stop worrying about losing it.
    We are scheduled to fly on a direct flight from Boston to SXM at 8 am Saturday. So our PCR tests are scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00 at CVS. I have also scheduled Antigen test on Thursday, an option we didn’t have in May.
    I’ll keep you updated.

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    Thanks Eve! Looking forward to hearing your experiences.

    I am wondering about PCR versus antigen. Why do PCR if the results take so long? I know it’s more accurate but the antigen tests seem far more likely to give a false negative than false positive.

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    Re: Pre-trip Report


    Thank you for your reporting. I think it would be great to have a post of everyone's experience re testing (PCR/antigen? where did you go? When did you get the test back?). I'm also curious about how your flights went.

    I was probably as nervous and overpacked as your sister the first time I went, but everything went smoothly!!!

    Good luck!!!

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    We shall see tomorrow. If I get the PCR test back by Thursday, I won’t take the antigen test. And if I get a negative antigen, hopefully false, I hope to get the PCR back by Friday. Then the sxm drama begins.

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    From my person experience, I would not transit SXM in either direction without assurance of some assistance in clearing the labyrinth of SBH requirements (& long, unruly — in my experience — lines). In this regard, I understand that St. Barth Commuter &/or WinAir may gratuitously provide the assistance. I would expect that it particularly would be true with a chartered flight. Nonetheless, barring charter service, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it happening.

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    We shall see. You never know til you try

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    The only annoying part of the SXM is experience is having to lobby your way past the portable desk at the end of the long corner ramp. "Do you have your boarding pass....Yes....That's not a boarding pass....Ok, ok ok, fine, proceed ....

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    WE would only go through SXM with Vincent's assistance

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    It has been a long time since we have had to actually go through immigration. SBC usually meets us at the door as we enter

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    Thanks so much for posting as you go. This is extremely useful information. Have a wonderful trip and good luck herding cats :-) through SXM (you can juggle them when you get to SBH!)

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    First test done. PCR
    i am glad I scheduled antigen tests for tomorrow because she said 2-3 days. Last time at CVS is was exactly 48 hrs.

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    We will be doing same thing for our future Saturday travel..
    PCR Wednesday.
    Antigen test Thursday.
    And to top it off will get tested at Miami Airport Friday before evening flight to San Juan if all else fails.
    Steve and Aimee

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    I am curious why you didn't get your PCR test today? We traveled to SB in August and Wimco told us the PCR test had to be taken three days before travel. We were flying on Saturday, like you, and got our test done on Wednesday. Got it back on Friday in plenty of time. Good luck, safe travels.

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    Did you go through sxm?
    We did PCR it today. But they said 2-3 days.
    I always need a plan B.
    My biggest fear of all this is the sxm electronic form. We went through SJU in May and a different story.

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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    Thank you for sharing this very important information. I am pretty convinced we should use Premium IV. Did not think about chartering SBC, but with my luggage, it wouldn’t be the worst idea..that or leave Davesdad behind if the plane weighed too much!
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    Re: Pre-trip Report

    Premium IV can also arrange charters.


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