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Thread: Remember the Alamo!!

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    Remember the Alamo!!

    Two years of planning for my ship’s association reunion hit the rocks and shoals today as our San Antonio destination was deemed to risky for our aging sailors. Many other concerts and other events have been canceled there as the ICUs are filling up rapidly.

    Rescheduled for May 2022.

    2022 is the new 2021!
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    Re: Remember the Alamo!!


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    Re: Remember the Alamo!!

    I'm sorry, iDude. Texas is a mess right now. Hopefully, things will get better soon. I'd love to see you when you do get here. Austin is just a stone's throw from San Antonio, ya know.
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    Re: Remember the Alamo!!

    Sorry this did not work out for you and your shipmates.

    Let’s hope the rescheduled date a year from now works out for all of you
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    Re: Remember the Alamo!!


    Texas gonna Texas.

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    Re: Remember the Alamo!!

    I'm sorry to hear this John. I hope for all of us, 2022 is the new 2021 does not become 2023 is the new 2022.

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