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Thread: In St. Barth more construction than ever

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    In St. Barth more construction than ever

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    Saint-Barth, more in construction than ever

    Many sectors of the island are currently under construction. Summary of the amenities that necessarily result in disturbances, including traffic and thus habits.

    Deviations, Routes Folders, Alternate Traffic ...

    In recent weeks, the work areas are multiplying in Saint-Barthélemy. A situation that has nothing surprising, since the improvements are previously announced by the community services. Nevertheless, the conjugation of sites causes many pervasions. If these are only temporary, in a more or less elongated period, a summary of the various "hot" points of the island does not seem useless.

    Main trench completed in Camaruche

    The site that causes the most change in the daily habits of residents is without a doubt
    that of Camuwuche. Since May 25, the road that goes up from Lorient and which leads to the east of Saint-Barth is entirely closed to circulation. The work will last five months. They involve the refurbishment and burial of water and electricity networks as well as the installation of optical fiber. The Technical Services Directorate of the Community indicates that the main trench is terminated. The work currently focuses on trans- verses and concreting

    Greatly, the 2nd phase ends in September other site that did not fail to raise controversies: that of the coastal road of Grand Fond

    The refurbishment of the road is not yet quite done

    Greatly, it remains to finish the rockfill of the seaside as well as the development of a small car park.
    Lower parking spaces The old cistern, with direct access to the promepade around the pond. If the car park along the canal will be accessible in about a month, it will be necessary to wait until November so that all the arrangements are completed.
    In Gustavia, Trenches

    In progress at Lubin strand

    Lubin Street Street and Normands Street will still be under construction for three to four weeks. On the first, the trenches are being dug. During the duration of this work, the parking area located before the social welfare fund (SPC) will be condemned. A space remains available, however,
    Ble a little lower in the street to park some vehicles or turn around, if necessary. As for the rue des Normans, the workers work there will be concrete. All this should last three good weeks.

    Rocks for Shell Beach

    Damaged by Hurricane Irma, the right side of Shell Beach's beach has been enjoying a renovation operation since a week. Cutting, more precisely, to give him a close aspect of the one who was his before the breath of Irma. The community also has the objective of installing an area of ​​plantations below.

    In Flamands

    The route 210 will be in works until 2022. The improvements, which still involve the rehabilitation of water and electricity networks, the pavement but also
    The installation of the optical fiber, will be made in three parts. The first will end at the end of July. The second, of August in November, will go from grocery to the beach access. Finally, the third phase will grow up to small Anse, in 2022.

    No parking

    St-Jean before mid-August the way 46, which starts from the roundabout of the Eden Rock to follow the pond of Saint John, will be in work until mid-August. With the consequence of preventing access to the parking area along the channel. The arrangements have similar goals in previous, but also aim to propose fifteen news
    The right side of Shell Beach Beach is closed for an escape operation.
    The Marius 100th Birthday Party Memorial -- June 5, 2023

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    Re: In St. Barth more construction than ever

    Reading all of the above made me think of giving directions...oh you can't get there from here !

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    Re: In St. Barth more construction than ever

    Inconveniences? Yes.
    Infrastructure investments are enjoyed by all over the long run.


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