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Thread: May 2021 Trip - Leaving

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    May 2021 Trip - Leaving

    This was the first trip that we stayed two weeks and in a single villa as previous vacation were for ten days or split between two different locations. Somehow it felt just right and, unlike before, wasn't tinged with the sadness we usually feel that last thirty-six hours. What has been especially interesting is that with each visit, we meet more new people and people who were new the visit before, and find ourselves spending more time socializing and less time laying on the beach. Don't get me wrong, plenty of time is spent poolside, but it doesn't seem as "important".

    Because of our flight to IAH, we booked the early Tradewind flight, which necessitated being at the airport by eight to drop off the Jimny and luggage. Nice to see Odile and to have a leisurely hand over. Even though Tradewwind is pretty flexible with the luggage weight, it was nice to see that everything, loaded down with several bottles of wine, rhum and one of pastis, were under 50 lbs per suitcase. The counter person verified that we had completed the health and attestation forms, checked our passports and antigen test results and then handed over our boarding passes. With an extra thirty minutes, we wandered over to Maya's to go and picked up a "pain au chocolat" for "the road". Nine o'clock and we are heading out to the tarmac. An hour or so later, we are in Puerto Rico.


    Goodbye Flamands



    As I write this, I have received an email from SiBarth with the magic line:

    "If you'd like to book another stay in this villa for the same dates next year, we'd love to offer you the priority on reservation for several days from your departure date."

    Any idea how I replied?

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    Re: May 2021 Trip - Leaving

    Peter, well played. Lynn must have her best grin on right now.
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    Re: May 2021 Trip - Leaving

    And what a trip you had.
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    Re: May 2021 Trip - Leaving

    Perfect conclusion!

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