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Thread: Eve and Jim Day 4

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    Eve and Jim Day 4

    After 3 days, it is always difficult to keep moving. We are very content going from Jean Michel's chair, to La Perle. But this time we were determined to go to places we haven't been to in a long while. Otherwise, this would be out view all day, every day.


    Jim was curious about Gypsea Beach, since we saw it when we went to Nikki to see Kimberly. We heard very mixed reviews. So Jim walked down and was given a menu to look at. I don't think the girl though he was going to take it forever. He said it was huge and beautiful, but can anyone explain to me why a watermelon costs 80 euro? Doesn't say anything about being laced with anything.


    Today was the big day that we were going to go to the Sandbar. We always feel it is way out of our comfort zone, but when we got there at 12:30, we were the only ones there. It filled up a bit while we were there, and there was a celebrity birthday behind us in the bar. That restaurant and bar was BY FAR the most beautiful place we have ever eaten. From the decor, to the view, to the most unbelievable service. And always fun to check out the wine list. A jeroboam of some champagne for only 165,000 euro! And don't forget to look up. There are the most gorgeous fans made out of wicker, with animals hanging. Pretty spectacular. And did I mention the service??? Jim looked around to see the decor, and 4 people flew to the table.


    We kept the meal pretty light. I think we drank jalapeno margaritas, which seemed to be our beach drink of choice this trip for some reason. I think it was just so good at Nikki, I wanted to keep the theme going. I think it was Mahi Mahi ceviche, and a perfect hummus plate, and of course, frites. just because. I think it is an Eden Rock staple for Phil and Amy, and my subconscious kicked in.


    For dessert we had the fresh baked cookies, chocolate chip. Not sure they are always the same kind. They were gone fast, so no photo, along with a french size scoop of vanilla ice cream. And an espresso martini. Can you handle that glass!!??!! I still can't.


    What a meal. What an experience! And yes, I am well aware this is turning into one big restaurant report. Maybe I posted this thread in the wrong place?

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    Re: Eve and Jim Day 4

    Many a man may say that a lunch at Sandbar is the best dinner on the island! Nice reporting!
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    Re: Eve and Jim Day 4

    Very nice! We've only done dinners there, will have to do lunch next time.
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    Re: Eve and Jim Day 4

    A great testimonial! (I also like the Sand Bar a lot -- lovely ambiance, very good food, and beautiful setting.)

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    Re: Eve and Jim Day 4

    The ambiance, decor and views at the Sand Bar are stunning! Your reports are in the exact right place and your photos are excellent! 80 Euros for a watermelon? 165,000 for a Jeroboam? Ahhh St. Barth!!!!


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