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    Re: The Virus is on the island!

    Hopper, the virus is on the island, but it's dengue fever. I was horrified to read this today.

    Absente de l’île depuis octobre 2016, la dengue est revenue en novembre 2019. Et elle se répand, avec...
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    Re: Carnival advice

    Are the shops in Gustavia open on the day of Carnaval?
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    Re: Ellen’s Pink Hat-

    This post has me feeling sentimental today. I especially love how all the women have their arms around each other and Missy and Rosita are holding hands. We all met more than a decade ago through...
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    Re: Rosemond and Marius at Le Select

    Yo Andy, when will you be on our fair isle?
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    Re: Rosemond and Marius at Le Select

    Thanks for the photos, Eddy. Seeing Rosemond (and Marius) looks so vibrant made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy on this cold Boston day.
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    Re: Ellen’s Pink Hat-

    What a great memory!

    Merci, Phil. I was just scrolling the archives looking for that 2012 photo. I had forgotten the history of the ladies wearing pink hats and just re-read the thread. While...
  7. Thread: Final Day

    by Jeanette

    Re: Final Day

    Thanks for keeping us at home entertained this week. Your posts are genuine and uplifting.

    You'll love the Bucket. I'll miss it this year for the first time in more than a decade and your posts...
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    Re: Emarude Plage replacement

    I wonder how many years "soon" means. If the project is anything similar to Le Barthelemy, it will be a stunning new addition to St. Jean beach.
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    Re: Les Bananiers Lunch 1/13/2020

    Wow, how have I never dined there before? After Amy and DT6's glowing reviews, I'll be sure to visit this trip.

    Amy, did Phil really eat shrimp?
  10. Re: QG Lunch 1/15/2020 Extremely Poor Service Today

    DT6, I am sorry to read about your experience. I am learning from your posts this week as I have to feed five adults next month. I can't image a family of 11.

    I won't dine at QG for lunch again....
  11. Re: "In transit" procedure from SXM to SBH post hurricane

    Jammin' Joy, please read my post above. St. Barth Commuter will fetch your checked bags for you when you land in SXM and load them on the plane to SBH. You will be able to use the In Transit route...
  12. Re: Travel Day and 1st Dinner January 12, 2020

    Thanks for your posts. I'm paying special attention to all your details as I'll be having my first full family trip next month. How was the SXM transfer for your family flying on WinAir? We'll be...
  13. Re: Shellona for lunch on a Saturday in January?

    I thought about Shellona's €350/person minimum for the holiday week and decided it's not much different than villa owners doubling and tripling their rental rates AND requiring a two-week rental over...
  14. Re: Various VIP service options at SXM/SBH for first time visitor

    To me, one of the primary reasons in using a VIP service is having your checked bags managed without having to go through Immigration and the long security line. If you don't have checked bags, then...
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    Re: Timing for dinner at Le Ti?

    Annabelle, I'll miss you again this year. We're skipping the Bucket and heading down for Carnival with my kids.

    What's the best night to go to Le Ti and would the show appeal to a group ranging...
  16. Re: "In transit" procedure from SXM to SBH post hurricane

    Hopper, that hasn't been my experience over the last two years. There's no need to go through Customs or grab your luggage when flying St Barth Commuter to SBH.

    I've done this three times over the...
  17. Re: Where do I pick up my checked bag in EWR to recheck ( SXM-EWR- ORD)?

    Kevin - thanks. Good to hear you weren't referring to SXM. I priced flying to SJU and using Tradewinds and it was $4-5k more expensive for the five of us. We'll be arriving on JetBlue, United and...
  18. Re: Where do I pick up my checked bag in EWR to recheck ( SXM-EWR- ORD)?

    Hi Kevin. I did have to buy all legs of her ticket directly from United and, surprisingly, found it to be less expensive than buying each ticket separately. I was not aware that bags checked from SBH...
  19. Re: Where do I pick up my checked bag in EWR to recheck ( SXM-EWR- ORD)?

    Hi DT6,

    My actual experience won't happen until February. I booked tickets for my daughter and her boyfriend from EWR-SBH. It was tricky to do from the United site, but I found a workaround using...
  20. Re: Where do I pick up my checked bag in EWR to recheck ( SXM-EWR- ORD)?

    United will now check bags directly to and from SBH, so there's no need for "carry on only" if you fly United. When you arrive or are leaving SXM, simply take the in transit route through the airport...
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    Re: The Steepest ‘Road’ on the island?

    I hate that turn, especially in the dark after dinner in Saline.

    The steepest road I've driven is Ellen's driveway. The Alps as she describes it.
  22. Re: Discounted Price for my Photo Book "St. Barth Souvenirs"

    We sat down for a few quiet minutes this week and went through every page of the book. What a treasure - I especially love some of the photos of places that no longer exist. It was a beautiful...
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    Re: Look who came to dinner.

    What an incredible recovery story. Great photo, Philippe, Rosemond looks as fantastic and happy as he did when I saw him earlier this year.
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    Re: New PR Place Coming Soon

    You misread my comment. Sibuet has a Villa Marie in St. Tropez and now there's a Villa Marie on St. Barth. There's also a Shellona, Bagatelle, La Guerite and Pearl Beach in the South of France and...
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    Re: family friendly villa

    I suggest the 2 or 3 bedroom villas at Les Ilets. The location offers the flexibility to stroll to the beach from your front door without packing up kid stuff and worrying about car seats, and be...
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    Re: Ticket for parking in Flamands

    Yes, a spunky, old poster, so lively and red,
    I knew in a moment it much be our Fred. :smile-cool:
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    Re: Pearl Beach Dinner Menu

    That photo is beautiful. I hope it stirs beautiful memories.
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    Re: New PR Place Coming Soon

    I remember Pascal Ramette from his PaCri days.

    There's been a flow of south of France outposts opening in St. Barth - Villa Marie, Bagatelle, Pearl Beach, Le Guerite - and next up are Les...
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    Re: Shellona spend minimum?

    We were on the island a few years ago for NYE week and enjoyed New Year's Day lunch at Nikki Beach. There was no minimum.
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    Re: Rosemond is home

    Welcome home, Rosemond. The island wasn't the same without your joyful presence. It be wonderful to see you and celebrate.
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    Re: Firework Locations on NYE?

    A beach barbecue, music and fireworks on the beach for a reasonable 195 euros sounds fabulous. Hats off to Isle de France for offering their guests a reasonably-priced NYE celebration.
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    Re: New PR Place Coming Soon

  33. Re: Discounted Price for my Photo Book "St. Barth Souvenirs"

    Wonderful news - I didn't realize your book was on Amazon. I ordered mine as a Christmas gift and it arrives tomorrow.
  34. Re: Looming St Jean Project Concerns: Emeraude Plage

    Pearl Beach also has underground parking. Does anyone know if this has caused environmental issues on St. Jean beach?
  35. Re: Resto recommendations for impromptu dinner at the bar

    We've dined at the bars at Bonito and Nikki Beach when we couldn't get a reservation and both offered full menus. Bonito's bar has great service and an amazing view. We love seafood, especially...
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