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  1. Thread: Feb Trip

    by bushey

    We were in Turks & Caicos last year,...

    We were in Turks & Caicos last year, Providenciales to be specific, and here's my two cents: beautiful beaches on the Grace Bay side (we stayed near Pelican Beach, which was phenomenal) but the...
  2. Looks gorgeous. Are there villas for vacation...

    Looks gorgeous. Are there villas for vacation rental? We're thinking of spending a week in Anguilla in April, but if we can't get our act together for frequent flier mile tickets, it may have to be...
  3. Re: Don't make me go to Anguilla!!!!

    Don't get me wrong -- I love St. Barts and think of it as my dream island. But Anguilla has its own charms and beguiling ways. There has long been an American connection on Anguilla, that goes back...
  4. Re: Don't make me go to Anguilla!!!!

    The same story about attempted robbery and assault has been circulating for years about Anguilla.

    The beaches are lovely, the people are friendly and there are lots of good options for...
  5. Re: Sad news for one of our own

    My sincerest condoloences to you and your family.

  6. Re: 40th Anniversary on St. Barths

    We returned earlier in the week from St. Barts and had a wonderful time. Although we had thought about splurging one night at Francois Plantation or Le Gaiac, we ended up not doing either.

    We did...
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    Re: Affordable villa for late Nov.?

    We just returned from a wonderful vacation and stayed in VSJ hotel room(#6) for the first night, since the villa we rented wasn't available on that date. The room was very nice -- clean, king-sized...
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