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  1. Washington, town, and Mason. Not Bush.
  2. Sources: Cowboys, Owens have deal in principle12:41 AM CST on Saturday, March 18, 2006By JEAN-JACQUES TAYLOR / The Dallas Morning NewsIRVING
  3. Now it gets real good. Hopefully UCONN doesn't have to rally back again!
  4. OK- all the #1s in. BC is a brute. Villanova has to play a perfect game. If they win -all the way? We shall see.
  5. I go away for a week and what happens?The Usual Stuff by all The Usual Suspects.LOL.In any event, I put up a trip report in the USVI section. Had a great trip, SORT OF good to be back (not really) an
  6. ....and everybody caught the fever because nobody is playing inside today.
  7. I saw three doozies, Pearl from Tenn. The GW Coach and the Winthrop Coach.Pearl was about to burst a vein in his neck and he said that he was worried about the Winthrop coach, Marshall. The GW coach l
  8. You read that line, you heard that line, but you never appreciate it. Well, I do. The last two weeks have been a real pain in the butt. The last CT scan found a small, very small, nodule on my lung
  9. Excerpt from the Financial Times:The lower house of the country
  10. Time for my semi annual dive trip and I've not been to either. Will probably go inlate July or August. Think it rains more in Belize, would lvoe to dive the blue hole thought. Any comments or where to
  11. High HeelsUNC's Williams top coach, Hansbrough best froshPosted: Tuesday March 21, 2006 4:46PM; Updated: Tuesday March 21, 2006 10:15PMST. LOUIS (AP) -- Roy Williams, who led North Carolina to a 23-8
  12. Shame on me. I forgot to get the recap up. I would have thought by now that miker would have beat me to it. But, oh well.Last nite's show featured some really good performances, no doubt aided by t
  13. One afternoon a wealthy banker was riding in his limousine when he saw two men along the roadside eating grass.Disturbed, he ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate. He asked one man
  14. is anyone really surprised???..they have been killed on the glass all year long and have not gotten back in transition all year long and finally someone made them pay for it....and Reddick going 3 for
  15. youe east coasters probably missed it but the Texas/WV game and the Gonzaga/UCLA game were far and away the best games of the tourney so far....UCLA's ccomeback was simply phoenominal....my heart went
  16. WHEN I SAY I'M BROKE...I'M BROKEA little old lady answered a knock on the door one day, only to beconfronted by a well-dressed young man carrying a vacuum cleaner."Good morning," said the young man. "
  17. I keep saying to myself- at least they came back to within 4. Defense is keeping them in this game. If Ray and Foye were hitting they would be up by 10. So........2nd half they better get better. Ge
  18. I am a Texas fan. They stunk the place up. Congratulations to LSU. They took care of business. Unfortunately, Aldridge couldn't buy a bucket and none of them could play with LSU inside.
  19. pre game
  20. GMason
  21. Live by the 3, die
  22. Tony Lives!
  23. Big Life, Big Love, Big Family
  24. Lo market share is badge of honor for Mac-heads
  25. Strikes throughout France
  26. You think SBH is expensive?
  27. Apple Releases Software to Set iPod Volume
  28. Scalia explains- The Sopranos
  29. I love it when he speaks...
  30. hasta
  31. Do you think he is really gone?
  32. Final 4- anyone care ?
  33. St Johns
  34. George Bush and the Nuns
  35. NCAA dirty laundry
  36. Baseball time.....
  37. Tom Delay
  38. The winner
  39. You might want to stay up tonight
  40. Bicycling the poorly paved, narrow roads and climbing the hills on St. Barth is, by comparison, a piece of cake. Crazy drivers? No comparison. The toughest ride I've had lately is the stirrups.One
  41. will be here......off to dinner
  42. Now THAT was a championship game!
  43. Tim,Which do you prefer?Jean
  44. Thought I saw IV at the Bush visit here today.
  45. A particular date to highlight:5 Sun., Oct. 8 COWBOYS 4:14 p.m.
  46. Too quiet down here for a friday. any fodder or jokes?Oh I guess I will have to start one - A couple married for 50 years and the wife finally decides that she's had enough and wants a divorce. the
  47. just got back from another game last night, same old pitching woes, the starters can barely make it thru 3 innings, abreau still marginal at best, some of the new faces look promising i hope they can
  48. well here is Montserat Volcano.........cant seem to post the others for reasons yet to determined....San Juan tonight is rockin....loads of people..easter break I suspect..back in the snow tomorrow
  49. IV????....did one of you bullies chase him away in my abscence???stuck in EWR with a 3 hour layover...ugh
  50. any of you Jersey boys ot girls recognize where the wedding took place?
  51. Nice day for Lefty. I was really happy for Fred Couples as well. Except for #14, it could have been a hell of a finish between these two friends. Also, this was my first year watching the Masters on H
  52. I just had to do it. As soon as Apple's Boot Camp was announced I downloaded it and installed a Window XP partition on my Intel MacBook Pro. It runs very well on the Apple hardware and although I prob
  53. this was my favorite tucked away, in the middle of no where beach on St Lucia, many years ago...it is now a Sandals resort...repeat after me.....change is good a very cool volcanic formation on the
  54. Doing research,to buy a new laptop,my first one..I dont need all the bells and whistles,just something to surf the net,open funny emails,listen to carib radio stations,ect..but,i also dont want to be
  55. Everyone agreed she had the pipes, and I thought her face was beautiful, but were those size 50 jeans just too much love for America to bear? How much of it is about appearance versus singing ability
  56. Is inching toward 1000 posts. I remember when he was elated over 500. Nice to see the kid grow up.
  57. thats all i have to say you guys better check yourselves and you know where
  58. Greetings to all of you scholarly sbhonlinersI have a Good Friday question, actually two questions.Good Friday is the day that Jesus was crucified and died on the cross - what was so good about it?And
  59. Thank God, he's gone...finally...He should have gone before Mandiva...just my $.02...For me it's Katherine and Chris...She has "the package." Chris can belt it out although his stage presence doesn't
  60. Easter rabbitt
  61. before the clock strikes thrice
  62. Bush backs Rumsfeld
  63. My 1,000th post
  64. what is today called?
  65. Hotmail?
  66. Happy Birthday Fins
  67. My Easter dinner
  68. Sopranos favorite lines from HBO.com
  69. Winning Wine of the Weekend
  70. The woman/man/cyborg of your dreams
  71. Top hit threads! Re: public access on beaches
  72. A good map of SBH
  73. it never ends
  74. We Watch ... So You Don't Have To
  75. EE is no fun anymore
  76. thursday joke - The good samaritan
  77. Friday Frivolities
  78. Barbados
  79. Lauren, Sir Ben and Chris-tuh-fur
  80. and yet another
  81. McNealy-isms
  82. I need to get some portable speakers for my powerbook, to use on my trip in June. I'd like something I can pack in the suitcase without worrying about them getting damaged. I assume I'll need them pow
  83. We Watch . . . So You Don't Have ToBy Lisa de MoraesWednesday, April 26, 2006; C07Shocking night on "American Idol."Andrea Bocelli, Tenor Muzak Man, was supposed to be the guest coach, only his "Amo
  84. Got this from a friend - the history of cinco de mayo - so when you celebrate next week you will know the background - Most people don't know that back in 1912, Hellmann's mayonnaise was manufactured
  85. Chicago City Council Bans Foie Gras Yesterday (Wednesday, April 26, 2006), the Chicago City Council went through with its pledge to ban foie gras (pronounced fw
  86. More than you want to know . . . .
  87. One day a guy died and found himself in hell. As he was wallowing in despair, he had his first meeting with a demon. The demon asked, "Why so glum?" The guy responded, "What do you think? I'm in hell!
  88. Will he finally be the one that brings Tony down? Say the Feds offer him witness protection and he sets up an antique shop? Or really does write?Just a thought..
  89. The press corps doesn't know if they're allowed to laugh but it is hilarious! Story with links to the YouTube videos
  90. 17? What were you at 17?
  91. a long time ago in a galaxy far far away....I was once out with a group of frends and our dates at a pub.....having a few beers and talking about this and that...well somehow the talk got to power to
  92. Hillary Clinton went for her annual exam. After the exam, the OB-GYN told her that she was pregnant, and in great shape. Hillary couldn't believe the news and stormed out of the office. She rushed to
  93. Derby
  94. you never know!
  95. My Mom & Dad
  96. I love it when he speaks...part 359
  97. This won't wait until Friday
  98. Barbados Trip Report from DebTor
  99. Getting down to business....
  100. Watching AI
  101. I think I'm going to be sick
  102. Things are slow on EE
  103. Bob Marley
  104. Airline seats
  105. TGIF
  106. Well, that explains it...
  107. Go, Kat, Go!
  108. Tequila, The safe alternative to Vanilla Rhum
  109. Katherine is the real deal
  110. Check this guy out
  111. Boy, time flies when you are having fun. I was reading an article in a European newspaper about Ursula Andress turning 70 years old tomorrow. Geez, I remember when she was a young and sexy babe. H
  112. Seems that the USA military has come up with a new formula for compensating their officers. No longer will they be paid based on rank and years of service etc. Effective immediately they will be p
  113. Three Italian nuns die and go to heaven. At the Pearly Gates, they are met by St. Peter. He says, "Sisters, you all led such exemplary lives that the Lord is granting you six months to go back to eart
  114. Went to a benefit where 12 100 point Wine Spectator wines were served. Over the top! Check these wines out and pick your favorite and I'll tell you mine.Kevin? Josh?
  115. I don't know what the weather is like in your part of the world, but it is so darned cold here in Toronto ! We've had cold temperatures and rain all week and just half an hour ago, a few showers, hai
  116. ...we
  117. After enjoying my MacBook Pro since the debut in February, I have found a new Mac to love. A new MacBook in stylish black to match my iPod, RAZR and AmEx card is on the truck for delivery. Fortunately
  118. I had a serious disagreement with several females in my office who said it was Taylor all the way. He certainly isn't the second coming of Brad Pitt. Are women jealous of Kat?
  119. ....younger than that nowBob Dylan turns 65 today.
  120. Hi all - Have a question relating to instant messaging via computer. I have client in Spain that has an instant messenger account with yahoo that uses (I think) microsoft passord and my instant mess
  121. Now we can get down to some end of the week fun. The Biker and the Bridge A biker was riding along a California beach when suddenly the sky clouded above his head and, in a booming voice, God said, "B
  122. Only in America:1. Only in America... can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. 2. Only in America... are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink. 3. Only in America...
  123. "50 greatest conservative rock songs" per National Review columnist, John Miller:http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NzZkNDU5MmViNzVjNzkzMDE3NzNlN2MyZjRjYTk4YjE=#1 is "Won't Get Fooled Again".......
  124. more then a few people have PM'd me regarding our beach blanket, that we take to St Barts, which I often talk about, which rolls up to nothing and is waterproofed on one side in case it rains at the b
  125. About once a year a new face (handle) emerges on the SBHOnline scene to stir things up. DavesMom comes to mind. Our lovely thirty-six-year-old-six-figures-lawyeress has captivated and agitated (Napper
  126. so I got my new computer and somehow, through a miracle no doubt, transferred my ITunes music over to the new computer from the old one without losing anything or screwing up anything.....I think...ho
  127. Hey Canada- Bill, Gayle, lloyd and Deb- our cannabis head is now your cannabis head. Good luck.
  128. Today is the Great American Grump Out .Do you think Andynap can make it through the day?Ironically, it is also the Great American Smoke Out. I would think that would supply it's share of grumps... m
  129. The Oriskany, a decommissioned aircraft carrier, was sunk 24 miles off the coast of Pensacola, Fla., on May 17 to form an artificial reef.The sinking of the 888-foot ship took 37 minutesThe SMALL BOAT
  130. Is it true that GeorgeDP is 60 today?
  131. Kat On Today, The Movie
  132. Why do men have nipples?
  133. Joke day
  134. IV is back!
  135. An inconvenient truth
  136. Global Warming
  137. LUNCH
  138. World Cup!!!!!!!!!
  139. And Today's Lunch is......
  140. there is hope
  141. tech stuff
  142. well.....
  143. Big Day for American Cyclists
  144. WW site problems
  145. Al-Zarqawi
  146. We're So Proud We Got T.O.
  147. Friday Frolics
  148. Important Topic in the Tech Corner
  149. for wicked weasel fans that can read Italian
  150. IV will love this
  151. Tim, this would get more people in the saddle
  152. LUNCH
  153. adequate passes. Header in 89th Minute Gives Swedes Win Sweden 1, Paraguay 0By Jason La CanforaWashington Post Staff WriterThursday, June 15, 2006; E05BERLIN, June 15 -- The goal came, finally, glori
  154. Golfer: "Think I'm going to drown myself in the lake." Caddy: "Think you can keep your head down that long?" Golfer: "I'd move heaven and earth to break 100 on this course." Caddy: "Try heaven, you've
  155. Now you can run Windows, Linux, Solaris, and BSD programs on your Mac with little performance penalty. Oh yeah, you can also run OSX programs. I'm curious how well it really works. Full article
  156. The following article in today's CNN on-line.http://www.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/Music/06/15/jayz.cristal.ap/index.htmlGuess there will be plenty available on SBH from here on.
  157. Two patients limp into two different medical clinics with the same complaint. Both have trouble walking and appear to require a hip replacement. The first patient is examined within the hour, is x-ra
  158. Father's DayFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFather's Day is a holiday to celebrate fatherhood and parenting by males, just as Mother's Day celebrates motherhood. Typically giving gifts to fathers
  159. I just got to share this with you, even though I am very much indifferent to the ongoings in the world championship, this series of photos caught my attention. I love them! http://www.vk.se/uploade
  160. I wonder if our Scandinavian friends would comment on whether this is truly a common method of opening beer bottles. short video from Helsinki
  161. No chord of music has yet been foundTo even equal that sweet soundWhich to my mind all else surpassesThe clink of ice in crystal glasses.I thought mes amis who are fond of crystal would enjoy the abov
  162. Bob joins an exclusive nudist colony. He removes his clothes and takes a walk to explore. He runs accross a beautiful, petite young blonde and gets an erection. The young lady asks "You called me,
  163. You're all aware that our buddies in N Korea are proposing a missle test shortly, of a missle that has the range to reach Hawaii or Alaska...and, we have no idea of the payload (if any) or the flite p
  164. The sun is high up in the sky although it's 9:52 PM. It's June 21st, the shortest night of the year. Summer solstice... The light, the blessed northern Sweden summerlight, has gotten that rosy golden
  165. Verizon is now offering FIOS in my neighborhood. Does anyone have good or bad FIOS experiences to share? How about warnings or words of advice?
  166. Here you go-">>Subject: Gotta love this one!!>>>>>>Three Arkansas surgeons were playing golf together and discussing > surgeries they had performed. One of them said, "I'm t
  167. Greetings allNext weekend my wife and I want to take our boys to an aquarium. They wanted to go to the one in Boston but that is out of the picture for now. However, I found two closer aquariums -
  168. Jimmy's distant cousin, Warren, doing good after doing well:"I'm not an enthusiast for dynastic wealth, particularly when 6 billion others have much poorer hands than we do in life," Mr. Buffett said
  169. try World Wind for lots more data based on Landsat imagery. Very interesting if you can invest the time to learn its capabilities.
  170. I will be traveling on Friday :-)Before the 2001 inauguration of George Bush, George was invited to a get-acquainted tour of the White House. After drinking several glasses of iced tea, he asked Bill
  171. Andy, there is hope
  172. NBA Draft
  173. ww update
  175. Here comes The Judge.
  176. Play nice this Friday
  178. Ullrich and Basso are out of the Tour de France
  179. Mo Gitmo
  180. Something big going on in London today
  181. Where is Mike??????
  182. Voss-water
  183. AAA TripTiks
  184. Andiamo l'Italia
  185. Dictionary Adds 100 New Words
  186. thursday redneck joke
  187. Climate Change Could Decimate Wine Industry
  188. The End of Cowboy Diplomacy
  189. Cyclist GPS routes on a wiki
  190. Tour de France
  191. Ipod follies
  192. 747 blows a guy OFF the beach...
  193. Different strokes for different folks
  194. hot and humid enough for those of us in the northeast???...Good God this makes a steamy day in St Barts look dry....they are here by the tens of thousands to get some relief.....Calvin Klein and his 1
  195. Whenever there's some crisis or newsworthy event, the infotainment stations all have interviews with various "experts" ranging from some relative of whoever is today's unfortunate one to a former amba
  196. 134 degrees in NYC, clients are out playing at the beach, I have the freakin office to myself and i'm BORED.Let's talk ATM's vs Cash?somebody tell me again about the In Transit Gate.How about the plan
  197. From this story: Race director Jean-Marie Leblanc said Landis had given "the best performance in the modern history of the Tour" - adding that only a day earlier, he was "gone, finished, condemned."
  198. I'm stuck in the office til my 1:30 train to the beach, where I get to repair the storm damage to my outdoor table...no Friday Follies today?
  199. Woe is St. Louis:"St. Louis Power Outages Rise With Second StormIt May Take Over Four Days to Restore Power to More Than 400,000By JIM SALTER, APST. LOUIS (July 22) - Another day of severe storms cost
  200. July 22, 2006Krzyzewski Melds a National Team From Young StarsBy LYNN ZINSERLAS VEGAS, July 21
  201. ... made it a dramatic story this year. What if Phonak hadn't ceded 30 minutes to Pereiro and kept Floyd in yellow? And what if Floyd ate and drank enough to avoid bonking? And what if Sastre's team h
  202. The iPod is invaluable in the everyday lives of millions. We name our iPods, coddle them, buy cases for them, insure them and sing their praises
  203. And exotic meats such as this Product DescriptionRattlesnake is light and chewy & tastes like chicken. It is best prepared with a marinade before cooking. This will tenderize the meat to neutrali
  204. This was an actual obituary that was printed in our local paper on July 9. He wrote most of it himself about 6 months ago to be used as his obituary. It's created quite a stir, and garnered responses
  205. Most places will stick you for 50 - 70 bucks for a mammogram yet this entrepreneur (see below) does it for far less.
  206. Bloody bad show. It appears that just about the time We Yanks are starting to loosen up a little bit, Europe is Going Victorian on us. We have already read stories where Italy apparently "will allow
  207. 1- which sexual position produces the ugliest children?Ask your mother2- How do you embarrass an archeologist?Give him a tampon and ask him which period it came from.3- What's the difference between a
  208. Landis got BIG problems
  209. Floyd denies cheating SI.com
  210. It's Friday!
  211. roll out
  212. Paris-Plages: strings et monokinis interdit
  213. your credit cards and PayPal
  214. Judgement of Paris 1976
  215. "Heat" Alert
  216. brought a tear to my eye . .
  217. B Test Was Positive
  218. I'm a PC and I'm not going to take it anymore!
  219. Cruise Line Home Porting in St Maarten
  220. a new rotary engine
  221. Overhead Bins: The Fight Gets Uglier
  222. Flying in the US Today? Read this.
  223. way to go!
  224. There is a new quad band phone in my future
  225. The Friday Forum
  226. OK, can we start Profiling airline passengers NOW?
  227. Chili Cook Off
  228. Wine ratings
  229. Dogs and heaven
  230. Pictures that lie. Photoshop in the press . . .
  231. I'm afraid to post it . . .
  232. <<<<The No-Sense DoctrineScreening for terrorists as nicely as possible.By Jonah GoldbergThe Wall Street Journal reported this week that the Transportation Security Administration is testi
  233. August 16, 2006Op-Ed ColumnistCamus Comes to CrawfordBy MAUREEN DOWDWASHINGTONStrangely enough, we find two famous men reading Albert Camus
  234. Fidel Castro and his brother Raul were at the airport in Havana waiting for the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, to arrive. It was raining hard and while waiting on the TARMAC, Raul decided to ro
  235. > I was a very happy person. My wonderful girlfriend and I had been >together for over a year, and so we decided to get married. There was only >one thing bothering me...it was her beautiful
  236. LATimesWINE & SPIRITSThe $10 sweet spotAround the world in a bottle of wine: Where $10 buys you a first-class ticket.By Corie BrownTimes Staff WriterAugust 16, 2006EVERY wine lover wants it. Every
  237. <<<<Alton Washington is Deputy City Manager of what has been recognized more than once by Bertelsmann as the Best-Run City in the World. As such, he directly oversees a number of critical
  238. The Cuban regime has just released new photograph of Fidel Castro recuperating.You can see it here - http://www.therealcuba.com/RaulPlayboy.JPG
  239. August 21, 2006EditorialWaiting for JacquesIt would be tempting to laugh about France
  240. 'WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE' Nearly a year after Katrina hit, Spike Lee's latest asks tough questions and lets the victims describe their incalculable heartbreak for themselves - David Wiegand, Chronicle S
  241. Dylan says modern recordings "atrocious"Bob Dylan says the quality of modern recordings is "atrocious," and even the songs on his new album sounded much better in the studio than on disc."I don't kno
  242. August 23, 2006 THE MOSSBERG SOLUTIONBy WALTER S. MOSSBERG AND KATHERINE BOEHRET High Technology, EnthronedWe Test a Digital CommodeThat Warms, Washes, Dries;Sometimes Old Ways Are BestAugust 23,
  243. Seems strange that the topic of the last war hasn't surfaced on C-SpanSBH. It is clear that the Israeli loss was a loss for the West, despite the fact that Dub was/is spinning a win. It underscored th
  244. I have checked several times today and it appears that more fish are swimming down here in the deeps with the sharks than in the warm, sunlit waters of the St Barts forum above. Oh well, it was a goo
  245. Lookit, I am the last guy to sit around and Go Old School on you folks. But on THIS issue, I am going to have to hold the line.Apparently, some are trying to replace the venerable Jump The Shark phr
  246. If you are a BedBlogger raise your hand! August 24, 2006Laptop Slides Into Bed in Love TriangleBy KATIE HAFNERLARRY SMITH knows he is treading a fine marital line. Mr. Smith, 37, is the editor of Smit
  247. August 23, 2006Books of The TimesAn Insider Explains Italy, Land of Cheery DysfunctionBy WILLIAM GRIMESIn Italy, red lights come in many varieties. A rare few actually mean stop. Others, to the Italia