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  1. My family and I are traveling to St. Barts for Thanksgiving this year and we are looking for some advice. We visited the island ten years ago before starting a family but have not returned since we h
  2. What restaurant would you pick on St. Barts for an anniversary dinner? My wife and I have been to the island before but usually frequent the most casual restaurants. We will be celebrating our 10th
  3. wouldnt it be nice,to be able to see a live reggae band,once in awhile? i mean,we are in the caribbean,yes? im not talking about le selects once a month band inside,im talking,a place you can go see l
  4. Now that my very talented wife has created this web site, I guess it is time for me to contribute something even if it is in the stereotypically male role of being a bouncer / enforcer. St. Barth
  5. I have read a lot about this place but have never been able to figure out whether the food is any good. Would you recommend having dinner or just showing up for the dancing?Generally, what time does
  6. Are you guys aware that the Mayor and 25 asorted Hotel & Restaurant people are coming to NYC 2/17 & 2/18 to promote SBH to about 250 travel agents? They are also hosting a luncheon for the Pre
  7. Any information about villa CEO St Barts
  8. Libby and I have some friends who will be going to St. Bart's between Christmas and New Year's. We have heard that this is a really crazy and busy time on the island. What is it like when all the bi
  9. planning a trip in Nov. and Winair seems to be booked. Anyone used these guys?
  10. Are any of his songs written about his times on St Barts (as opposed to merely being attributed to SBH)?
  11. We are going for an extended period for the first time...staying at Emeraude Plage....is there a laundry on the island or a service to clean clothes? I don't remember seeing anything over the years .
  12. This subject has probably been discussed to death, but unfortunately, I wasn't part of any that took place. So, if I'm headed to St. Bart's this weekend, what should I have in my pocket for $$ and cr
  13. I am considering the beachfront properties at these locations and cannot really find on the websites features that distinguish one from the other. Any thoughts would be helpful.
  14. Getting there and back My husband and I spent 2 nights in St. Maarten before continuing on to St. Barts. Since we didn't expect anything from St. Maarten, we weren't disappointed. (A kind word f
  15. Previously posted on the Phorum: Although I have looked exhaustively, does anyone know where to buy real cream on St Barths? I can get milk and "creme fraiche" (which doesn't do the trick since it ta
  16. Is there a drink (cocktail) that is unique or generally associated with St. Barts?
  17. Haven't been to St. Barts in so many years it doesn't count. We'll have a villa for 8 nights mid November and would like to know of some good dining spots. Maybe some more "upscale" (i.e. expensive) a
  18. Tuesday 22nd of October is the Hideaway's 5th birthday. I am inviting the whole island to pop by for a drink between 6pm and 10pm. Probably only a half will show up. You are all invited. No restaurant
  19. There is no news of the topless massage. Is she still here?Anyone had one lately? Don't tell the missus. Did she ever exist?
  20. Just wondering if today's crash of the dome of the volcano in Monserrat is creating any ash or smoke problems on good old St Barths? If I remember correctly, a few short years ago the same thing happ
  21. Those who travel to SBH and use American Airlines to SXM may be interested in the following news item:http://www.thedailyherald.com/news/daily/f128/fly128.html
  22. I am looking into villas and KAN (Wimco) sparked my interest? Has anyone stayed there? Any feedback?
  23. Can anyone recommend a two/three bedroom villa from which you can walk to the shops and the beach in St Jean?
  24. Will be arriving on St. Barths November 1st. The localcalendar indicates All Saints Day is a public holiday.Does anyone know of any special festivities taking place that day. Or will restaurants be cl
  25. Many thanks to Digger who sent in some of his St. Barths pictures. We have posted them in the Photo Gallery which can be accessed by clicking on the Photo Gallery link on the home page (www.sbhonline
  26. Can someone tell me where this partciular photo was taken (bottom row, third photo from the left)? Thanks.
  27. Just booked our Spring trip for April 12th - 19th,has anyone else planning on being there then? (besides Andy) Has anyone ever done a charter with St. Barth commuter? I have 7 people, they have a 7
  28. Recommendations for a St Barts villa with a heated Hot Tub/Spa?
  29. Are there spas on the island where you can get treatments other than massages? (facials, skin treatment, etc.?) If so, can anyone recommend one?
  30. As we mentioned when this site was first launched, our initial priority was to get the forum up and running. As promised, we have now redone the homepage (thanks to Peter O'Keefe for his help dealing
  31. There is an ad for US Airways Caribbean in today's NY Times travel section. It shows various matchbooks from Caribbean islands. One is "The Pelican Stoop", St. Barts. I have never heard of this establ
  32. We have been to Sbh a number of times and have eaten at the majority of the Restaurants.We love the Lobster casserole at Gloritte,ect.We get rice with it and it's tough to beat.However,as long as we h
  33. Hey all,My wife and I would like to go to St. Barts next May. We're using Delta Skymiles for our tickets, and they are booked already for flights into St. Maarten, so we're flying into St. Thomas ins
  34. While enjoying a glass of wine with my wife yesterday, the discussion turned to what we would do for a Christmas vacation this year. We usually head back to Ireland for the holiday, but anyone who has
  35. Villa Vaio/SIB AYo
  36. That fun couple, Mark & Veronique who ran Le Escale for years and years have decided to move to Spain,rumor has it just ahead of the Tax Man, new owners hope to be open soon. The Christopher Hote
  37. We've narrowed it down to theese two offerings from St. Barth Properties. Does anybody have any experience or opinions to share about either of these two villas? Any help would be appreciated!
  38. Need some help ! In the past, we were able to fly direct from Toronto to St. Martin and then a flight to St. Barts. AC is no longer flying into St. Martin. Last year, we took an AA flight to Miami.
  39. Which airlines still have scheduled service from SXM to SBH? What is the going rate these days? I assumeflying in to SXM is the only practical way to get to SBH or does anyone know another.
  40. Has anyone had experience with getting a taxi to the beach (Governeur) and having the taxi to return to pick you up at a specific time? Thanks for any information, John
  41. Kara and Bob, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy this new site. You have done a great job, and I am glad to see the old "phorum" community back discussing St. B.Also, the technical backen
  42. We've narrowed it down to theese two offerings from St. Barth Properties. Does anybody have any experience or opinions to share about either of these two villas? Any help would be appreciated!
  43. Just rec'd an e-mail for a new hotel opening Nov 1, 2002. Being handled by St Barths Properties.http://www.stbarth.com/ondin.shtm
  44. Hi,I see all the old faces: NickTheDog, skateboardPril, Andy etc.Did some of you create this new website?Vladimir
  45. Has anyone ever stayed at Villa SIB CLO L' Enclos, from WIMCO
  46. What is the address to send you a favorite SB photo. Since there are only a few on this site if we all send you one favorite we can enjoy each others.
  47. heading back to St. Barts in January. Only trip there two yaers ago. My husband can't remember and wants to know if they have Corona there.
  48. I've read a lot about the landing in St. Barths. Just how scary is it? My husband is not a "good flier" and when we were on a 10 seater from Moorea to Tahiti he held on for dear life! Should I not tel
  49. geez I didn,t know so many people from toronto went to the barts, have been going the last 12 years,and used to fly charter week to week but hate the squeeze and like to stay a little longer..Checked
  50. re nick the dog,s comment about the good food and reasonable prices at andy,s, he mentionned the kangaroo as special.The time I had it I ordered it rare and my stomach was jumpy all night.
  51. Have any of you listened to Radio St. Barths, 100.3 while you are home? Go to www.radiotransat.com and click on the radio!!
  52. FYI.There's a new version of the old St. Barth Web Magazine website. It's now www.gotostbarths.com.
  53. We have posted some new pictures of St. Barths in the photo gallery that were sent in by JackR. You can access the photo gallery link at www.sbhonline.com. There is a great shot of Oscar - the dog o
  54. Thanks to Steve Coffin for his contribution to the photo gallery - he submitted some great shots of some local (feathered) residents of SBH.
  55. does anyone have any info on whats planned for new years this year? i spent 2000 new years on island and it was crazy..is it always a huge party in gustavia for new years or was it just a special nigh
  56. Villa CLO - L'Enclos St Barts
  57. Arriving Nov 30 for 1 week. Any posters (or readers)up for a SBHonline face to face at one of the local wateringholes, or perhaps "Beach Blanket Bingo" on St. Jean?Post a reply and let's hook up.
  58. I'm thinking of taking my first trip to St. Barth (and my first to any of the Caribbean islands, in fact), just my wife and me, for probably five nights in the off-season, most likely June. We'd like
  59. Has anyone stayed at Villa Byzance in Colombier? The pool seems small - privacy?
  60. Hi all! We're getting married next October and are planning to take our honeymoon on St. Barths. We've never been to the Caribbean, but we're turned off by the booze-soaked tourist traps we seem to fi
  61. If anyone needs a little mental vacation I would suggest that you check out the zouk music sites. I can close my eyes and almost be there. Go to www.zoukarchive.com/index.shtml in the zouk boxes the
  62. Does anyone know if there is a website that compares all of the areas of St. Barts, i.e. view, closest beaches, etc? We keep going back and forth between Villas and Le Toiny. Since it's our first tim
  63. St. Barts Island Villa DAD. O
  64. My husband & I are staying in Anguilla but plan to take a day trip to St Barts. Any suggestions on what we should plan to do or see?
  65. St. Barth Properties contacted us yesterday (10/29/02) and told us that the villa we had rented from them in May for arrival this Sunday, November 3rd was undergoing remodeling and would not be availa
  66. I am considering a renting a 1-BR villa in Gustavia in March. It has a private plunge pool, a/c, terrace, outdoor kitchen/dining area, and a view of the harbor (no airport pick-up, no rental car incl
  67. I am planning a trip to St. Bart next April and have a question about island hopping or other off island day trips. I expect island hopping is probably not a big attraction or part of the culture sin
  68. IE, Pointe Milou vs. Vitet vs. Colombier, etc etc? Are there any areas you wouldn't like to stay? They all look beautiful to me. How do you choose? Sorry if this is a ridiculous question...Betsy
  69. Does anybody know the current pricing on Winair tickets for Jan/ Feb. & what is the difference in $ between Winair & other Airlines serving SBHThanksNick
  70. I want to remain anonymous as I am a travel agent and there are so many misinformed people on the travel forums as to how we work and how we are paid (often, not much!). So many of the questions here
  71. Villa Harbor View St Barts
  72. We will be leaving for St.B in a week.My wife likes calm waters for swimming (tiny waves).Are there any beaches that fit her request? Thanks to all,James
  73. i just made my reservations through sbh commuter...90 euros roundtrip..thats like 88 american,compared to 187 on winair...if your connecting flights can accomodate commuters flight times definetly use
  74. Have any of you found roaches in the kitchens (or other rooms) of these various villas that you rent?!?
  75. Thanks to LauraB we have few new photos in the photo gallery which include a view from a terrace at Village St. Jean that she took this past September.
  76. I got a great deal at St. Barth Beach Hotel (an oceanfront villa plus car plus a bunch of extras for less than $1000). I'm happy with the package but have not read anything in this forum or the old o
  77. Laura,I would appreciate it if you could provide me some info. Could you please tell me the type of cottage (1 or 2 bedroom, garden or terrace)and the cottage number of the one in the photo that was
  78. Any large pools suitable for swimming laps available to visitors in St. Barts?
  79. I just posted several new photos which were sent in by Vladimir. They include some great shots of your first glimpse of Gouverneur as you make your descent.
  80. We've been to St Barth twice over the last year and really enjoyed it. We went with our son then 3 and 3 1/2 year old. Since then we have a 5 month old and can't wait to go back. But i'm not too sure
  81. I am in my mid thirties and a mom of two kids. My husband and I are conservative people. We are going to St Barth next year and staying on St Jean Beach. He has mentioned the topless women there.
  82. We have added a new section to sbhonline.com -- Restaurant Reviews . We wrote up reviews of our favorite places (that we have visited in the last year). As you will see, the reviews are rather impr
  83. This hotel appears to potentially be in my price range for a June '03 trip; however, it has many categories of bungalows/cottages, widely varying in price. Nowhere on its website are the rooms descri
  84. Autour de Rocher burned to the ground just prior to our first trip to SBH. I have only heard rumors as to what went on there. Since the "statute of limitations" has now expired, I was wondering if t
  85. this is strange...im flying sbh commuter,but i only reserved my ticket with my credit card...im not getting my ticket,till i arrive at the counter in sxm...that doesnt worry me...what worries me is,wi
  86. Anyone have any experience with Villa La Recompense? The pictures look great!
  87. I have read the posts on here as well as on Fodors.com about hotels in SBH. We (a early 30's couple) are looking to spend 8 nights in SBH. We like sports, activities, the pool as well as a great beach
  88. Thank you sooo much that was great information-- it won't be till the end of next october( I hope to have nice weather!!) villa zaz and villa khg(the spa is heated in that one) are our favorites-- gr
  89. Does anyone have experience bring a small dog along to St.barth? I have seen residents with a small dog at la Gloriette. It was asleep. Just curious.
  90. Out of pure curiousity and self interest and in an effort to discuss more important but less titillating subjects than who might or might not wear what on the beach,has anyone actually used the commun
  91. This is my second, and possibly last, thread and certainly the last thread on this topic. Even so, the irony of all this is too much for me. I posted a thread asking about topless bathing at St Bart
  92. Hello!!what a great forum to give so much info to new visitors and regulars!! Well getting to the point me and my future husband will be going to St. Barths for the first time next year on our honeymo
  93. Is anyone familiar with this villa and/or its location? We are renting the villa in December and from the pictures on Wimco's website it looks rather high up in the hills. It was the spectacular vie
  94. We are leaving for St. Barts in about three weeks. We have three adults and three children in our group. I was told by Wimco that St. Barts does not have any rental cars that can accommodate six peo
  95. Property Ownership
  96. Villa Descriptions
  97. Best Beach Villa
  98. Okay, new subject:
  99. Boubou's ???
  100. St Barth Music festival
  101. Le Ti other than Sat. night?
  102. Leaving tomorrow!
  103. www.stbarth.fr
  105. The Dove Nest/ SIB DOV
  106. Thanksgiving
  107. Villas Diaco, Mirabelle
  108. Air Traveler's Handbook
  109. Villa GOM (Point Milou)
  110. Villas Tango, Natanya?
  111. Villa Celeste?
  112. SBH Web Cam
  113. Wheel's Up, Friday
  114. wild on st barts,w/brooke burke
  115. Hideaway 5th birthday party-22nd October
  116. Exotic Massages - Nadia
  117. Need St. Jean Villa Advice
  118. Restaurant Openings and Closings Confirmed
  119. New member intro
  120. Dumb question: as yall have come to expect from me
  121. Just back from SBH (but still on island time)
  122. Restaurant Route des Epices
  123. Trip Report -- 11/5/02 - 11/11/02
  124. rentals
  125. Delta service to SXM, potential problems???
  126. Info Please? LaCantina?
  127. Ti Barth
  128. weather end of april/early may
  129. Getting to SBH from Guadeloupe
  130. Winair
  131. Manapany??
  133. Eddys
  134. 1st Timer's Trip Report Nov. 3rd to Nov. 10th
  135. Visions of St. Barths . . .
  136. We're Here
  137. Deb/Tor
  138. Forum contributor pictures
  139. general questions
  140. In response to the requests of many
  141. Fax
  142. Wimco villa CDM, Mont Jean
  143. Manapany cottages
  144. Autour de Rocher
  145. Villa Rentals
  146. Mustique island vs. St.Barth
  147. Linkage
  148. airfares from JFK
  149. Wanting to do The Gate 10 Thing
  150. Trip Report October 5th-13th ,2002
  151. Wallpaper.
  152. Villa Au Bon Coin
  153. air from St. Marteen
  154. first timer
  155. Gate 10
  156. How much time between flights
  157. Any Irish/Brits on this forum?
  158. Another new Forum (aka where is the Deb/Tor post)
  159. The difference between January and July
  160. SB Toronto Reunion
  161. St. Barts to St. John
  162. Dec 1 to 7
  163. Tipping
  164. Trip Reports
  166. villa corail
  167. villa LUN
  168. When do most restaurants close for the summer?
  169. Boubous
  170. Jan 4 to 11
  171. francois plantation - accomodations
  172. big fun dec30 to jan10th
  173. Cheap hotel
  174. Tan don't Burn
  175. Andy's
  176. Laundry
  177. Last minute update?
  178. Long Distance Phone Calls
  179. Ferry from St. Martin to St.Barth
  180. New road/airport approach
  181. Villa Romana
  182. Villa AMB
  183. Vanilla rum
  184. Maybe Ligne de St Barth IS available in the US?
  185. SBH Thanksgiving Dinner Reviews
  186. Leaving in 3 days...
  187. Power/Voltage Converter
  188. Tipping outside restaurants
  189. Hotel in San Juan
  190. More Photos
  191. Delta flights-looks like it's a go!
  192. SBH Party
  193. "Sushi"
  194. My boyfriend and I are leaving in 5 days and can only take carry-ons due to our connection only 40 minutes! I am trying to tell him that he can't wear khaki shorts and polos everywhere...or can he? We
  195. Friends (and potential advice givers):It
  196. My wife and I are counting down until our return to SBH in June. We travel with two other couples, and to help the joys of anticipation I purchased vacation countdown clocks for our group. Essentially
  197. I often dream about visits to St Barth but last night I had a really bad dream. It made me really sad. In the dream i woke up at the VSJ and it was the day that We head home. It was a real nightmare.
  198. My wife and I will be traveling to St. Barths in February but with the flights available, plane changes and the inevitable delays, it seems to be impossible to get there in one day. We will arrive in
  199. For those traveling after Dec 15, 2002:"Transit gate 10 will be close effective 12/15/02, they are adding a new gate just a few meters after the original transit gate 10."I assume this will serve the
  200. I had our Wimco rep, Deirdre, arrange a car rental for this coming trip. Has anyone used Alamo on SBH? Any comments?It is a Suzuki Samuri for $35/day. Sound about right?Thanks for any comments. Bes
  201. We arrived SBH at 4:30 PM via Detroit--Miami--SXM. Rather a long day of travel, but always rejuvinating when the wheels touch down in St. Barth. This is our 9th trip since spending our homeymoon the
  202. are there any local music stores on sbh? the only place i think i know of,is by match super market..kind of in the back parking lot..havent been in 2 years,so im ot to sure...does anyone know if you c
  203. Going for my first visit to St. Barths next December on my honeymoon--looking for somethin quiet, quaint, but at the same time chic and romantic...anyone ever stay at La Banane recently...or have any
  204. Just a few more days till the 12th and the get together at the Rose & Crown. Is everybody still on for 6 pm? Looking forward to meeting all of youNick
  205. Does anyone know of a car rental agency actually in Gustavia? The places I have dealt with have been at the airport, and would have to drive in to supply you with a car. Thanks, John
  206. Anyone have any experiences to share with villas located on Pointe Milou? We have stayed at SIB LPS for 3 years now, but had to change in the middle of our stay because of construction next door. Al
  207. Does anybody have any suggestions on a spot in SBH and a time & day during the winter season that forum posters can get together for a drink and trade info & stories on their Villas, Hotels &a
  208. I know this subject has been covered a geat deal in the past, particularly on cieux.com, but I'm calling on all my fellow SBH fanatics to help with this one...My husband and I have recently become fri
  209. In the past we have taken a modest amounts of FF when going to SBH and using credit cards whereever (which is most places) we went. I am wondering do I need to take some Euros or will Dollars do? Or s
  210. I know everyone here says Villa or bust, and I dont really disagree. I stayed in a villa on St. Martin for 12 years straight with my family...but this is my honeymoon (first time on our own in the is
  211. As you all know, I am very much a neophyte on the wonderul island of St Barths. Havent been there yet although we are planning to go next summer. In the meantime, I have checked every single source
  212. Last night was cool and crisp. We have the sound of crunching snow under foot. Clear and bright shown Orion in the winter southern sky. A true sign.Now I am really ready to go to St Barth. Our coundo
  213. My wife and I travel to Anguilla almost every year. Lately we have been staying at Cusinart. We would like to try ST. Barth's this year. What hotel would you guys reccomend. We are Americans that do n
  214. Hello all of you New Yorkers. This a reverse post. The Sereno has been taken over by the owners of The Sunset Beach Hotel on Shelter island. I've heard great things about the food, but as yet have onl
  215. For some recent info regarding gate 10, you might want to check out www.st-barths.com/editorials/yves.
  216. Just returned Saturday to Greensboro, NC to a home with no power, ice on the roads, and longing to still be in SB.Did Gate 10 with great ease, flew over from SXM to SB on Winair, Andy was on the fligh
  217. Does anyone have any experience with Villa Papillion on PM? Proximity to Hotel Chris and Le Ti? Pool, heated? Construction nearby?Thanks
  218. Andrew and Lena's Trip Report 12/2 - 12/7WOW!!! Even after months of reading all of the posts and descriptions of the island on this and other boards/websites, I was still completely amazed and put un
  219. My fiance and I are planning our June honeymoon to St. Barts for about 10 days- or possibly 5 days in St Barts and 5 days in Anguilla. We would appreciate any suggestions. I believe we would prefer
  220. Greetings from Amsterdam!Will be first time to St Barts in Jan and staying at Le Manoir. Just wondering if anyone has stayed there and what your thoughts on the place are. And how far a drive is it to
  221. The wedding is set for late April in Phoenix, and I am trying to find the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to get to SBH. Coming from the East Coast, or even Dallas, is easy, and by taking an early
  222. After reading posts here for a month or so, i thought it to be appropriate to participate. The information provided by all of you is better than anyother SBh site of course, however the true value her
  223. Has anyone stayed in either of these villas? Villa Pralin is located in Anse de Cayes. I haven't heard much about this area. Is it upscale, scenic, many other villas? Any info would be much apprec
  224. Anyone know anything about this story?-B----------------------------http://www.nydailynews.com/news/col/story/41673p-39214c.html Locals on the sedately stylish island of St. Barthelemy are up in arms.
  225. does anyone one know where I can find a list of all these villa abbreviations. I am kinda new and when I see Villa AMD etc.. I really don't know which villa people are talking about. I really enjoy r
  226. My wife-to-be and I are trying to fly late April using our AA Advantage Miles, and as expected, our choices in flights are limited.The most convenient would be to fly from Phoenix to San Juan, spend
  227. Ok---the drama has ended...we have decided to stay at Hotel Isle De France--and check out Villas when we get there, for our next visit to St. Barths. Any impressions of this hotel? And where on this
  228. Bob and I loved the Top Ten lists that everyone submitted and , as such, made them a part of the site: they can be found at Top Ten LIsts We have also added links to the restaurant review section --
  229. A few very nice new photos sent in by Andrew Borak have been posted. Check them out: Photos
  230. We are planning a trip from lax to guadeloupe then to st barths late january--has anyone experience with this route and advice? We have AA frequent miles to use if needed and would like to avoid san
  231. does anyone have fax number to presquile hotel? if so,could you post..
  232. On behalf of the Toronto group (plus 1) we'd like to thank Deb/Tor and husband Richard for hosting the first meeting of the "why are we here and not there" group. It was a great evening sharing our l
  233. This Nikki Beach Club thing sounds ominous. Having never been to SBH, I envision a laid back, casually elegant and "let your hair down" upscale place where we go to get away from the hustle and the b
  234. Am considering these two villas managed by SB Properties. Quenetiers is in Grand Fond and Manonjul is in Deve. Any information or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  235. Great new photos from Carolina Dave: Photos Ten more reasons to love SBH (sumbitted by Dawn): Top Ten lists Enjoy!
  236. Greetings from a very cold and gray Amsterdam!Looking forward to our trip in Jan and was just wondering if we need to make dinner reservations prior to arriving (high season)?? Are weekend nights typi
  237. My wife and I are going to SB in February. We are considering staying at Le P'tit Morne. Has anyone on the forum stayed there before? Please help us make a decision.
  238. I am consirering the purchase of a diamond and wonder if any of you have bought at St. Barts and/or could reccomend a fine jewlry store(s). ThanksGeorge
  239. I made a movie of driving in St. Barths. Here is the link.Hope you enjoy! - Jacquehttp://homepage.mac.com/cajuneeze/iMovieTheater1.html
  240. We're leaving for SBH this Friday, 12/20. I've been reading all the great advice about Gate 10 but recently read on this board that SXM is closing Gate 10. I wonder if that means everyone will now be
  241. Still lamenting the fact of the closure of L' Escale. Does anyone know if there are any plans for anything new to open at the location on the harbor that the restaurant formerly occupied? If so, what
  242. Hi,I understand you can surf on St. Barts. Are there places to rent or should I bring my own surfboard?
  243. that whole story,was a complete rumour..no truth to it...it was in a nyc paper,but its hogwash...every couple of years,that rumour shows its ugly head...so everyone can relax....
  244. Kara: How do I do it?Deb.
  245. Okay, this may seem a silly question but I have read that the French on St Barth eat their big meal at lunch and the Americans at dinner. Do most of the menus and prices run about the same? Is it li
  246. My fiance and I plan to take our Honeymoon in St. Barts this April. From my research, it appears that Le Toiny and Isle de France are the top 2 hotels. I realize they each have their pros and cons; h
  247. www.zoukstation.comThis plays very well on my mac. No pauses for net buffering.Kinda fun to listen to while reading Kara's list.It might play on realplayer too. I used to listen to radio-St.barth but
  248. 32 days and counting! Staying at the Sereno for the second time. Has anyone eaten at the restaurant or stayed there since the change of management and exit of BouBou's! Just wondered if any major c
  249. I'm considering flying American to St. Thomas, and then on to St. Barth via Air St. Thomas. Because I'm using AA miles, that appears to be considerably cheaper for me than flying direct to St. Martin
  250. I was wondering if there is any US cellular service that will work while vacationing on St. Barts.