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  1. Looking for a nice place for dinner in a couple weeks while passing through LAX with an overnight stay.
  2. 1800 Tysons Boulevard, Suite 70 | McLean Virginia | 22102703-790-INOX (4669)OPENING 2009Executive Chefs and Co-Owners Jon Mathieson and Jonathan Krinn are excited to announce the opening of Inox resta
  3. 90 miles Cuban Cafe - Chicago
  4. Squid Ink Pasta
  5. Who's got crabs?
  6. From Kara's FB page
  7. RECIPE: Pate with Figs and Walnuts
  8. I prefer my rhum vanille a little less sweet. I thin out the simple syrup and use less of it. For my recent batches I've been using a cane sugar simple syrup, with about 8 oz of sugar and 10 oz of wa
  9. Post Article N ew York has pizza. Chicago has hot dogs. But perhaps no city has embraced a regional dish the way Washington has the crab cake.
  10. Georgetown Cupcake
  11. 1
  12. To maintain and even surpass a high standard CONSISTENTLY is a rare phenomenon in the restaurant business. For Kara and Bob Brooks, it has been the hallmark of Still River Cafe since it opened. When
  13. My crop was late but bountiful. My lunch- tomato salad- Green Stripe, Black and Yellow tomatoes Ready to eat and be seeded for next year- Red/Yellow stripe, Yellow/Pink stripe, Green zebra
  14. 4 1/2 boxes- 50 quart jars- yea- fixed for the winter.
  15. Jugtown Country Store
  16. Fresh Mediterranean Seafood in Las Vegas
  17. Kara & Bob: Couple Serves Up A Drastic Career Change
  18. I started mushrooming with my father when I was 10 and watched the woods disappear as houses were built on them. There are woods around the corner from me where I have been collecting and eating the
  19. OCTOBER 5, 2009, 10:04 AM Condé Nast to Close Gourmet, Cookie and Modern Bride By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD Condé Nast plans to announce this morning that it will close Gourmet magazine, a magazine
  20. The NYTimes posted an update yesterday on a restaurant that Pascal Ramette, the owner of PaCri in St. Barts, plans to open in NYC. According to the article it will open next spring. We haven't
  21. Le Bec Fin
  22. Just a heads up re today's featured restaurant in the NY Times dining section, MAREA. Dish featured with photo-DOVER SOLE!!! C.L.O.D.S. rule!! Amy
  23. While I love my 2-Quart (Plus 1 Ounce) Rhum Vanille recipe, it may be time for a change. I've discovered that the closer we get to our next SBH trip the faster the Rhum flows. I've also discovere
  24. some yummy goodness!!
  25. Game Dinner
  26. Had Stone Crabs 2 nights ago at a local place here called Doris & Eds..Not a huge Crab fan but these were great..Im glad i gave them a go..Next week they are getting in Scallops from Nantucket..L
  27. Last weekend while the forum was celebrating Le Select's birthday in a crowded place with warm weather and great restaurants, we were celebrating my wife's birthday in a place with similar characteri
  28. Turkey Tricks - Kara in the Chicago Trib
  29. Apres T-Day
  30. its time to start planning a menu... I am going simple(r) this year Christmas Eve: Apps: Smoked Mussels Stuffed Peppers Cheese and Cracker plate Oysters on the half shell Dinner:
  31. Steam for 6 hours! http://www.flickr.com/photos/mac_man_va/set s/72157...
  32. I finished my Strawberry and Apricot cookies And Phyllis surprised me with stuffed cabbage- the long recipe from Martha Stewart's mother Can't wait until it's ready- a nice St. Fr
  33. 1
  34. Still River: Best Restaurant Overall Statewide” by Connecticut Magazine.
  35. Bûche aux marrons
  36. gramchop Said: it's a coconut/saffron/fish yummy bunch of goodness! just made it before the holidays...it is that!
  37. Kara on Making Burrata
  38. Even tho Gourmet is dead- the editor's TV show continues. Ruth Reichel found some very fine chefs on this show and one from Seattle did a Salmon Chowder that I made tonight. I did not do the salmon s
  39. Still River Café reopens the 22nd
  40. Spice rubbed beef tenderloin with roasted tomatillo sauce.
  41. Pad Thai
  42. Valentine's Day at the SRC --- we will be offering two different dining experiences on Valentine's Day this year: a 3-course prix fixe lunch for $45 a person starting at noon, and a 6-course dinn
  43. Anyone have any experience with one of these? A buddy of mine swears by it and I thinking of getting one even though I have a big built in Viking natural gas grill. For many years the
  44. met Kevin and Kate for lunch at Nancys Airfield Cafe...in the middle of nowhere next to a private airstrip....my kind of place....simple food made with local fresh ingredients...and kevin likes it so
  45. Cheap oysters
  46. Peyton Place
  47. Look for your local favorites . . . A couple that caught my attention: Restauranteur Roger Berkowitz, Legal Sea Foods, Boston Chef Sam Hayward, Fore Street, Portland, ME Restaurant Boucho
  48. A tipping tip . . .
  49. March 4, 2010 A Vibrant Culture of Food Blogging By TAMMY LA GORCE AT Bistro 55, an upscale restaurant in Rochelle Park, the staff is accustomed not only to customers talking on cellphones,
  50. Gin
  51. Fore Street, Portland Maine
  52. Ice 2 shots vanilla vodka half shot keylime juice 2 tablespoons coco lopez 1 shot pineapple juice Mix all in Martini Shaker/shake well Strain into Martini Glass
  53. I made a lot last weekend and was getting tired of broiling slices with gorganzola on top so I was reading a menu of a new restaurant and they had "polenta fries". A splendid idea- A little
  54. Looking for a different brisket recipe
  55. SRC March News
  56. 38th Anniversary Dinner
  57. In Honor of the Bucket race
  58. Easter Brunch
  59. On Eating Sustainable Fish
  60. Great TV- trying to get kids in a school in West Virginia to eat healthy- a losing proposition so far. None of the kids knew where french fries or chicken nuggets came from.
  61. Had wonderful meal at Clark Cooke House (Candy House) in Newport and listened to the Foreverly Brothers who were recently at Baz Bar Bucket week. The remembered Amy and Phil and Missy fondly and say
  62. I'll be resting my head in a Louisiana bed tomorrow night. Looking for a dinner rec. in Lake Charles area???
  63. The World's Best Hotel Bars
  64. Pizza and Caribs tonight
  65. Announcing TastingRoom.com™: The First Online Wine Marketplace that Allows Consumers to Try Premium Brand Wines Before They Buy Trefethen Family Vineyards, Grgich Hills Estate, Patz & Hall, Ch
  66. The deal after retirement was that I would shop, cook and clean-up, three nights and Mrs. JEK would have her three nights and then we would go out. Even long after the kids left we cook and sit for d
  67. My Magical Mystery Tour continues and this week’s exciting destination is Birmingham, AL! I’ll be there Thursday night. Any dining suggestions?
  68. Check (First) Please! Would you pay for a meal before you've eaten it? Posted by Kirsten Henri on 5/5/2010 at 12:18PM Is there a chef whose food you think is good enough to pay for before
  69. Front Street.......
  70. Cheap good wines
  71. Marius et Janette
  72. Brasserie Bofinger
  73. Le Petit Marius
  74. May 18, 2010 Bordeaux Loses Prestige Among Younger Wine Lovers By ERIC ASIMOV THE hyperbole over 2009 Bordeaux began building even before the harvest last fall. Ripples of praise grew into waves
  75. Brigidini In the middle ages, the Brigidine Nuns of Lamporecchio, who made the communion wafers for the Diocese of Pistoia, would add anise and honey to the batter to make something special f
  76. Love 'em, love 'em! For the record only the Swiss trains have the real espresso machine on the aisle cart. The Italian trains use instant! The SBB Minibar. The snacks trolley service provides a
  77. Fish and cheese?
  78. Gilled Fava Beans from the 3:3:1 Cookbook
  79. From the 3:3:1 Cookbook - Mahi Mahi
  80. Negroni
  81. Lunch today
  82. too much seafood.....
  83. Lobsters Delight
  84. You Like Beer?
  85. Got dessert? Check the pantry!
  86. Frisky Oyster, Greenport, NY-6/9/10
  87. Gulf Seafood Still Good?
  88. Foodie blog: scarpetta dolcetto
  89. BGE Ribs - Backyard Championship Ribs
  90. Rosé anyone?? Wine of the Week
  91. Still River Cafe gets another plug
  92. New Foodie Camera
  93. tonights choices at Front Street
  94. Stick with the original rhum recipe..
  95. Saturday Night at Home
  96. More Still River Accolades
  97. scarpetta dolcetto: Bloody Mary with Pickled Green Beans
  98. Rose Wine choice
  99. simple is good....
  100. cheeseburgers
  101. Tonight's experiment
  102. Memories on the Half Shell
  103. What is the best part of summer eating?
  104. 10 Essentials from the Eleven Madison Chef
  105. Home Grown
  106. Extra Virgins Are Not! Gasp!
  107. The Goods
  108. Lucy Buffett's Mahi Taco's with Chipolte cream Sauce
  109. sometimes the best recipe....
  110. Recommendations - Washington, DC
  111. Gumbo tonight
  112. How I Spent My Summer of Riesling, by Terroir
  113. The Wine Trials
  114. Bocuse d'Or & Keller
  115. A Dozen Eggs for $8? Michael Pollan Explains the Math of Buying Local
  116. Villa PaCri
  117. Lobsters $5/lb??
  118. Meatless Mondays. Makes sense.
  119. Black Box Cabernet
  120. hey Andy..remember these?
  121. Great Moules et frites in Bethesda
  122. French Bakery in Wellfleet????
  123. Lunch at the Beachcomber
  124. The unofficial dish of Washington: A steaming bowl of mussels
  125. Nepresso?
  126. Russian shooters......
  127. Finally
  128. Excellent Article on Bluefin Tuna
  129. Trellis (Colonial Williamsburg)
  130. Mario's in the Bronx and Le Gaiac in St. Barth
  131. The Grace Kelly of Wines
  132. tonight at Front Street
  133. The BGE does snapper!
  134. Fig Burrata From The Farmer's Market
  135. A good day to be in Napa
  136. I'm bored so I cook....
  137. Football Sunday appetizers
  138. Shell Shocked
  139. I'm Crabby
  140. NYTimes article on Eleven Madison Park (NYC restaurant)
  141. Rosh Hashanah Dinner 5771
  142. Wall House Lobster Club Sandwich
  143. Seven Stars in 24 hours - Kara and Bob in France
  144. Traveling Pizzaria
  145. Bistecca alla Fiorentina
  146. Scotch anyone?
  147. Chicken anyone?
  148. Bedford Village Inn
  149. In my neighborhood. Think I'll check them out next weekend.
  150. Park Avenue Autumn
  151. a few new dishes....
  152. Limoncello recipe
  153. Napa Valley Museum revisits ‘The Judgment of Paris’
  154. Hook, Line and Dinner..
  155. Soup of the Month Club
  156. 2010 is a good year
  157. Thanksgiving Menu
  158. Venison?
  159. Still River Cafe Special Offer for Dogs!
  161. Now We're Gettin' Hot
  162. Grimaldi's Pizza
  163. Christmas Cookie Time!
  164. bon appétit: 5 food trends for 2011
  165. Weekend in New Orleans
  166. If it's Christmas, it's time for plum pudding!
  167. Easy Peanut Butter Fudge
  168. Bedford Village Inn
  169. Christmas menu
  170. Why Doesn't my Blender Hollandaise Work Anymore?
  171. Leftover Day...
  172. Top 20 Food Trends for 2011
  173. A Critic’s Choice of Restaurant Newcomers: Sam Sifton NYT
  174. Locavore
  175. NYE Menu...
  176. Live Lobsters
  177. Got Chili?
  178. What are you eating right now?
  179. SRC
  180. Eataly....Mario Batali.....NYC
  181. Valentine's Day
  182. Mark Bitman's Top 25
  183. Firefly Bistro
  184. dinner for a snowstorm kinda night
  185. Roast Beaver in the Bronx...
  186. Spice Market
  187. Super Bowl dinner..
  188. Still River Cafe 2/26/11
  189. Guess the fish (Lisbon, Portugal)
  190. WSJ: The Slippery Business of Catching Fish
  191. what are we making today ?
  192. ah the smell of the ocean...
  193. Fresh Dover Sole
  194. Erin Go Bragh
  195. the menu is set....
  196. Real men and women do . . .
  197. farmed vs wild.....fresh vs old
  198. Ichabods
  199. Wine glasses
  200. Best & Worst Seafood Options
  201. How to Drink Like an Italian (Hint: It Does Not Involve Body Shots)
  202. Still River was AMAZING tonight!
  203. Fish: 200 degrees F for 45 minutes
  204. Fresh Local Morels!
  205. The Inn At Little Washington
  206. Morel Madness
  207. Beard Awards to Philly Chef
  208. Florida Oyster warning....
  209. what are you eating??
  210. Gotham Bar and Grill: Let's go!
  211. Vintage 50, Leesburg VA
  212. Great reviews keep coming....
  213. Dinner Idea from BA - Fish sticks!
  214. Vintage, Barbuzzo and Capogiro
  215. Dinner at Still River Cafe-May 20, 2011
  216. Any experience with these?
  217. This should be good...
  218. Pork, The Other Pink Meat!
  219. Any recipe suggestions
  220. The 26 Rules of Summer Cooking
  221. Recipes for Memorial Day
  222. BA 101 Summer Grilling Recipes
  223. Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
  224. Still River Menu
  225. Beer Week in Philly
  226. Chicken to go on the Embarcadero
  227. Spago Beverly Hills
  228. Firefly gets 4th Best Overall on Open Table
  229. La Voile Boston
  230. Hendrick's Negroni
  231. Philly deal from Le Bec Fin
  232. Lunch today
  233. today is National Lobster Day
  234. Philly's newest- looks good - a visit is in order
  235. First Two Courses of MY Dinner
  236. nice wine?
  237. No More Fish??
  238. Oyster question for Miker
  239. My Latest Culinary Creation
  240. Dinner for 75 tonight around the pool . . . .
  241. Cape Cod Sole....
  242. Dinner Last Night
  243. A16
  244. Tallulah's
  245. Today's Lunch
  246. Dinner Tonight
  247. Dîner en Blanc: How 10,000 People Keep a Secret
  248. Crab Gravy- Dinner tonight
  249. Dessert tonight
  250. Raspberry Thyme Smash