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  1. croatia
  2. Found this interesting country with very traditional lifestyle.http://www.jetlagtravel.com/molvania/index.htmlAnyone been there yet?
  3. I'm heading to Dubrovnik Tuesday, any last minute thoughts is appriciated. This will be a one week getaway from a busy time at work. We (mom, 15 yo daughter and me) hope to catch some sun and warmth t
  4. The annual Eurovision song contest is this weekend (the semi finals for the smaller countries is right now, finals on saturday evening). Everyone interested in cosmic entertainment should try to get
  5. Santorini
  6. Hi all, I am going to Portugal Sept. 21- Oct.1 with my daughter, sister-in-law and cousin......we are spending the first 2 nights in Caiscais, then 3 nights in Lagos(on the Algarve coast), then 2 n
  7. trip report -Portugal
  8. We're planning a trip to Finland & Denmark in July. Would appreciate any suggestions on hotels, restaurants, things not to miss, etc. thanks
  9. Greece and Euros
  10. Plenty of websites but it is hard to get a feel for locations of hotels etc. As I understand it, the better hotels are not right on Paradise Beach. You stay a kilometer or two away and ride the chea
  11. Denmark, Finland and Russia
  12. Planning a trip next summer to Budapest & Prague. Would appreciate any "insights" - including hotels, restaurants, how long to stay in each city & what, if any, trips to the countryside we mi
  13. Lesvos Greece Yoga
  14. Has anyone recently passed thru either of these airports and would care to comment on what is reasonable transit time between terminals at heathrow. and what is allowed on BA in the extent of carryon
  15. Frankfurt and beyond
  16. just arrived this morning, easy 6 1/2 hr flight from philly, after a short power nap, hit the town seems very cool, clean with lots of great shopping, staying at the hotel pulitzer, very nice on the c
  17. ghent was great stayed at the marriott, very hip new, but built into the canal houses, great central location, visited the castle gravenstene very cool castle, picked up this local mustard in town, wo
  18. Greece anyone . ? . ? . .
  19. Flying over on Virgin Atlantic tonight and meeting a friend at Fishworks in Marleybone for dinner Tuesday evening. Seems they have Dover Sole on the menu at market price and I plan on sinking a tooth
  20. Dublin
  21. Digital cloud set to hover above 2012 Olympics (photos)
  22. Anyone been here?
  23. Portugal
  24. Europe - The Real Maps
  25. Portugal report
  26. 600th anniversary at the Prague astronomical clock
  27. Norwegian Fjords
  28. Trip report to Istanbul / Abu Dhabi / Dubai
  29. German auto museum/factories?
  30. London 2012
  31. Anyone been to Ibiza lately . . . ?
  32. Ultimate Driving Machine - A trip to Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW
  33. Montaņas - Time for a trip report?
  34. Scotland
  35. Green Land and Iceland
  36. Palma de Mallorca?
  37. Iceland
  38. Costa Brava?
  39. Advice needed for where to stay on 2 nigh London trip
  40. Mykonos?
  41. Mt Etna erupting in Sicily
  42. SBH Refugee In Barcelona
  43. Valencia And Calatrava
  44. Majorca: Chopin & Sand, Palma and More!
  45. Monaco
  46. One Way Car Rental in Europe
  47. Kiev/Chernobyl trip report
  48. Copenhagen
  49. 6 hours in Berlin
  50. Staying in County Antrim, Northern Ireland
  51. Off the grid in Hungary
  52. Barcelona
  53. Mystique in Oia, Santorini, Greece
  54. London recommendatios
  55. Istanbul, Athens, Santorini
  56. Belgium?
  57. Cruising The British Isles
  58. Istanbul, Bodrum and Santorini September October 2015 trip report
  59. Portugal recommendations
  60. Greetings From Prague
  61. Canary Islands
  62. Greetings From The Venice-Simplon Orient Express
  63. Across the pond for the Holidays!
  64. Touring Eastern Europe
  65. Working from home in Gijon Spain.
  66. Majorca
  67. Benidorm
  68. Santiago
  69. Amsterdam Restaurant Recommendation
  70. Jim's river cruise from Amsterdam to Basel
  71. A Special Ceremonial In Greece
  72. Athens And Cruising The Greek Islands