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  1. we got slammed again last night....one of the worse white out rides up from Denver I've ever experienced.....smiling all the way however because now we are looking at sunshine and mid 40's for the end
  2. For all the SBH Ski Bums this has been an unbelievable snow year in the west particularly in California. My favorite is Mammoth Lakes www.mammothmountain.com. So far this year they have a total of 638
  3. well.....the majors are all closing this weekend...based way more on business levels then a lack of snow.....then it will be down to just A Basin til June.....needless to say my next three days will b
  4. Comedy and skiing
  5. todays ski report in pics
  6. in ski country...the ice is melting...columbines are begining to push up through the ground...the sun is stronger...robins are showing up....moose are coming down from the heights and bears are millin
  7. first snow is predicted to fall above 8000 feet this Sunday.....it has no chance of sticking, as the ground is way too warm...butits a start.. :-)))))
  8. Beaver Creek News
  9. Calling on ski country-triple diamond expert
  10. its here
  11. this should be of particular interest to M&J and Roy & Deehttp://www.summitdaily.com/article/20060913/NEWS/109130056
  12. 12-18 INCHES OF SNOW TONIGHT!!!!...forget fall...winter is here.....A Basn and Loveland are talking about opening in 2 weeks....its coming down fast and furious as I look out my window right now
  13. autumn and winter in a tug a war.....the golds of the aspens aganist the white snow were magnificent.....cant really be captured in all its glory in a photo...
  14. its official
  15. Autumn in Vail
  16. it's bad!
  17. 12-20 inches of snow starting today into tomorrow...blizzard conditions...winds in excess of 50mph......one week before high season begins....they will have great conditions
  18. MikeR,It will be 75 degrees F here in Charleston today...waiting for cooler weather.Need a snow photo fix.Ric
  19. Holiday outlook
  20. Sunrise in high country
  21. cool pic
  22. this was one of those days where you go for an hour or so of skiing...and its such a beautiful, crowd free, warm sunny day....you end up staying all day...which is exactlty what we did...work can wait
  23. Happy 60th A Basin!!
  24. Rookie on the slopes
  25. good stuff
  26. this is huge
  27. here is the latest from DIA website...it aint good.....hopefully it gets better very soon or the backup is going to impact Friday and Saturday arrivals and departuresAIRPORT UPDATEBased on current wea
  28. Full moon
  29. Avalanche!!!!
  30. Beaver Creek
  31. I didn't take this picture but the photographer who works for the local paper is a friend of mine and came up for a sunset drink at the house and snapped this...then put it in the paper....the colors
  32. Only a few days left for Mike and Wendi...
  33. the good news?....steady snow has been falling for 48 hours now...not heavy, but steady..the bad news?..unprecedented and sustained cold temps, like we see in New England, but rarely here....todays t
  34. M&J R&D.....have a safe flight..looks like weather wont be a factor tomorrow.....the weather has warmed up quite a bit..suppose to get a little snow Thursday.....if your rental SUV's need gas
  35. Good day at Breck, hoping for new snow....
  36. The single chair goes electric
  37. Big storm for MJ RD
  38. Purgatory @ Durango, Co. March 11-16, 2007
  39. I just heard that Vail has closed the back bowls for the season. Too much melt for so early. Guess it's about over in our part of the world.
  40. Gaper Day
  41. Well, after two weeks of no snow while we were in Colorado, now it snows here! On April 7! Right now, and for the past hour, it has been snowing heavily. Of course the average life of each flake af
  42. todays 1 to 3 inches is over a foot and still coming..April is making up in a big way for March....today at Copper...the mountain was virtually empty of tourists.....they didnt groom at all over night
  43. 12-20 inches today......meanwhile in Northern New England ski country, Wendi tells me it hit 88 degrees yesterdaycrazy stuff
  44. without question the best day of the year above treeline at 13.000 feet.....66 degrees, 20% humidity, no wind, no clouds, all following a cold night, so the snow was nice and firm at first and then ch
  45. snow levels will be droppng to 8000 feet tomorrow .....thats low for this time of year....high of 49......this weekend is officially the end of the 06/07 ski season for moi and also ends my 7 years o
  46. The End
  47. every now and then
  48. my sources tell me they are way behind in snow making and its looking like a later opening then usual for A Basin and Lovelandhttp://www.summitdaily.com/article/20071002/NEWS/71002024
  49. opening dates
  50. Where Is This?
  51. and the winner is?
  52. Wahoo.......anyone going to the World Series? We will try and get tickets monday, our daughter went to the final game last monday, and said it was crazy!!!! See lives about a mile from the stadium, an
  53. opening early
  54. http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20071113/NEWS/71113005
  55. I just heard it was announced today that Vail will delay opening for a week -- from the scheduled 11/16 till 11/23. Their website is asying 11/21. What do they do for the folks with the packages the
  56. Big Snow in Beaver Creek
  57. skiing this morning
  58. boy oh boy do we look good going into the holiday week.....a ton of snow on the ground...10-16 inches yesterday on top of what already was a nice base....I haven't seen anything like this in NH since
  59. and it keeps coming
  60. takes a victim in the backcountry at the East Chutes...a place I have spent many great days skiing http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20080105/NEWS/634640058
  61. Montezuma Bowl now opened
  62. Telluride... January, 2008
  63. decided to take my OutDoor Ed class to Cannon today...pure blissEarly morning clouds rolling across the mountain my young troops eager and ready to take on the mountain!!still cant believe they actual
  64. hubby and i are going to be in beaver creek over mardi gras and are looking for a fun place to watch the superbowl...any suggestions?
  65. Wolf Creek in March 08
  66. Be careful out there
  67. Pigs Flew and School Closed
  68. the record snowfall season both out west and in New England keeps going
  69. http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20080217/SPORTS/327063676
  70. avalanche rescue dogs
  71. beautiful morning in ski country
  72. What a week we are having in Telluride. It's been 50 and sunny all week. They are losing snow fast, but the conditions are AWESOME! Snow supposed to be moving in around 8:oo tonight and storm warnings
  73. is what they are all saying....here and therehttp://www.summitdaily.com/article/20080307/NEWS/439412621
  74. good luck with this.....
  75. woke up this morning to a forecast of snow turning to heavy rain as warm air aloft moves in....around noon I and just about every local started to get phone calls from friends who work on the mountain
  76. what a day and night...what weather!...what an Easter brunch!...what a hotel!....this is the Grand Old Mt Washington Hotel...a real throwback to the days of Grand hotels that were...well...grand.....
  77. 16 More Inches In Beaver Creek
  78. Hello all.....my son just found out that he is hired for a guide job at Mt Rainer. If any SBonliners want to go climbing, he will be working for RMI, check out their website: www.rmiguides.com.....ask
  79. interesting article...I think what is being overlooked here is how much people struggle with being over 10 thousand feet...they get tired faster and thinking is less clear and than an accident occurs.
  80. http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20080404/NEWS/945919861http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20080404/NEWS/192241015
  81. For this late in the season, it's rare to find all trails open and such perfect ski days ... ... but avalanche danger is high, even in-bounds.
  82. well it was the last day of the 07/08 season......and what a classic one it was......here are pictures of my day and these conditions are virtually unprecedented for this late in the season...some of
  83. skiers are a sick bunch!
  84. A Basin Enduro
  85. if so this would be absolutely unprecedented......a friend of mine told me they got 65 inches of snow in April in Summit County and A Basins base is still over 4 feethttp://www.summitdaily.com/article
  86. a ( former) giant in the industry is finally slayed by greed....they wanted to Disneyize skiing...and thankfully they failed..kind of gives one hope eh?http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20080701/NEW
  87. This may be old news, but I just saw it. Vail Resorts is offering the Epic Pass, a six-mountain pass with no restrictions and no blackout dates for access to Heavenly (in California), A-Basin, Keysto
  88. Time to get the skis tuned..
  89. Keystone lodging
  90. http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20080917/NEWS/809179971/1078&ParentProfile=1055
  91. at Copper this week...it wont be long for them.....sigh...God I miss that place
  92. We were in Boulder for the weekend to visit our kids(daughter is in Denver, our son at UC Boulder).......just happened to be sitting at a outdoor coffee place for breakfast sun.am, and saw a man with
  93. Hope this doesn't come out too big. Enjoy!
  94. The National Weather Service has issued the first winter storm warning of the season for the mountains of western Colorado (Eagle County (Vail) and Pitkin County (Aspen)) till six p.m. today. 6-10 i
  95. I have to attend a special meeting this morning to discuss this report...pretty interesting stuffhttps://www.nsaa.org/nsaa/members/NSAA_Econ_special_report.pdfhttps://www.nsaa.org/nsaa/members/NSAA_Ec
  96. let the fun begin
  97. Got a spare 1.68 billion around? Intrawest
  98. looking out my living room window this morning once it got light outside revealed the upper trails covered in white!...its rain down here, but who cares.....its a start at least
  99. snow on the ground.....
  100. its cold and snowing!!!!!
  101. what a way to start...16 inches in Vermont today...less in NH, but still good....just what we needed going into the holiday week as our incredible early season conditions are being covered by the medi
  102. From the Vail Newspaper. You can purchase a parking spot for $500,000! Been to Vail Village several times and not sure that I would pay $500,000 for a parking spot :) Rental VailPremium PARKING SPO
  103. interesting point.....http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20081125/NEWS/811259978/1056&title=Skiers%20plan%20to%20slalom%20around%20new%20baggage%20fees
  104. If your curious what a big winter looks like take a peak http://www.mammothmountain.com/Galleries/Winter/48/
  105. Those folks who had their first Thanksgiving experience last year at Beaver Creek, when we had tons of snow, are very disappointed this year. On opening day yesterday there were only two runs open, o
  106. in bounds avalanche.....
  107. First ski day of the season for me and it was an epic one at Steamboat. Love the tree skiing here with 20 inches of fresh.
  108. in bounds avalanche article
  109. Not A Good Day For The Skier
  110. strange but true....http://www.krqe.com/dpp/news/environment/environment_krqe_los_alamos_ipod_saves_lost_snowboarder_200901060135
  111. pretty much what we are seeing here in New England too....http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20090124/NEWS/901239956/1078&ParentProfile=1055&title=Skier%20visits%20to%20Colorado%20resorts%20di
  112. Anyone ever been? I'm going out to Denver to see our daughter the end of feb.....and wer'e looking for a good spa-hotel place. Thanks!
  113. yeah baby!!!!...14-22 inches today.....my daughter and her boyfriend got here late last night to play in the powder......wooohooooo!
  114. Deer Valley
  115. today was..
  116. woohoooo!!!!
  117. I'm sure this has been discussed here before but I had to ask. I'm a beach girl but hubby wants to take me skiing (I agreed purely on the thought of the spa, shopping, wine etc...). He hasn't been i
  118. colorado report
  119. NH comeback
  120. great spring skiing
  121. helmet debate
  122. New Powder Dump in Vail
  123. great interview...
  124. Denali
  125. Powder Day!!!
  126. one of the oldest and best ol school ski mountains in America is still making money...and they dont even serve Latte's or Sushi like all their Summit County peers do....still in my top three favorit
  127. first snow...
  128. finally some snow!!!!
  129. 'nother day in a different kind of paradise ...
  130. Skiing Robot
  131. Puck Naked: Hockey the Idaho Way
  132. Let it snow
  133. yes that is right..I am offering free subscriptions...but there is a small caveat....PM me if it might interest you
  134. Breckenridge legalizes pot
  135. east coast funk...
  136. Finally!!
  137. Snowing hard in Virginia right now. A perfect accompaniment for packing for my trip to Whistler!
  138. What are they saying for you tomorrow?? Tonight our forcast calls for Gale Force Winds and an inch of rain..Cold today but 51 tomorrow..If its cold enough for you guys,sounds like a dumping if you gu
  139. happy to report...
  140. madcaps and mayhem in ski country
  141. Whistler
  142. more powder...
  143. Soft opening last night was full house, very nice addition to the SV choices. Beautifully presented cuisine, nice digs, exceptionally well-trained and informed staff for this area, made it a very ple
  144. For an unbiased review of Sun Valley's new terrain park located on Dollar Mtn go to my friend and SV city councilman Nils Ribi's blog: http://nilsribi.wordpress.com/ If you look closely at the
  145. Snow? Hah!
  146. Very Funny Article..
  147. snowy week.....
  148. yesterday was one of the more evil days we ve seen in quite some time.. ..this morning however the reward was a magnificent, windless, not too cold morning...took a few runs on the mountain before
  149. Beaver Creek has 13" new powder. 18" in last 48 hours. I've never seen traffic and lines like this. They have obviously forgotten about skier limits! More money this way.
  150. blizzard warnings up.....perfect timing..the mountain has been screwed blued and tattoed by thousands of skiers this past 10 ten days.... this storm will freshen her up just perfect
  151. terrific powder day!
  152. Sun Valley article in SKI
  153. Silverton
  155. it happens every single January in New England...a warm front come up and brings some rain with it...and we take a few steps back on the mountain..... and boy oh boy is it happening today.....
  156. at the peaks have forced most resorts to close today... oh well nothing left for them to do but eat and SHOP!!!!!!
  157. Good News for Skiers
  158. St. Barth Snowman
  159. I'm heading west this morning to see these babies:
  160. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efX2Vs-fsc0&a mp;fea...
  161. The snow is finally here in the Rockies!! Skied the Jane on Friday, and hopefully tomorrow if I can get up there!!!
  162. but supposed to get 12-18 tonight..so Lena and I took in some runs this morning in the pre storm fog
  163. oh my!
  164. Booked the summer trip to Vail and I do this every other year. Do a lot of mountain biking, running, a raft trip, and hiking. We also check out the local dining establishments in Vail as well. Oka
  165. JR. Olympics tryouts
  166. Once in awhile we are reminded of how uncertain life is. Family having the vacation of their lives till it turned tragic. http://www.vaildaily.com/article/20100315/NEWS /100319712/-1/...
  167. what a great week this has been last day at Cannon til next year :-((( we had a lot of fun with the helmet cam.....here is us attempting to pass it off http://www.youtub
  168. Looks like when the skiing is over the rafting will be great this year
  169. this non stop torrential 3 day rain put an abrupt end to our ski season for certain.....80 degrees on Saturday will kill what little is left bring on spring...
  170. Pond Skimming!!!
  171. Stuck at SLC
  172. Beaver Creek -- Still Snowing
  173. DaveM Said: rc Guessing you're A-Basining . . . one of a kind place! sure is!!!
  174. Summer in a Ski Resort
  175. Late Snow
  176. From Ski Country Back to Reality
  177. Farmers Market in Vail
  178. DeCaLiBron: Rocky Mountain High
  179. oh how I wish I could go....
  180. Mt. Huron
  181. Breckenridge today.....
  182. ABasin today
  183. Mammoth Mt. 10-5-10
  184. We re sold!
  185. climbing 14 ers
  186. Fall pix
  187. More fall pics, colorado
  188. First Snow!!!
  189. Congratulations Sunday River Maine
  190. Big Dump in Colorado
  191. Aspen Classic Pass
  192. it aint much.....
  193. tonight in Breck....
  194. climbing rocks....
  195. "epic storm"
  196. Ski Lift Accident...
  197. Mass Exodus....
  198. Serious Snow
  199. shameless plug....
  200. POWDER DAY!!!!!
  201. Breck this morning....
  202. WV this morning......
  203. highly unusual cold in Colorado high country
  204. fun with helmet cam
  205. nice video piece......
  206. Big Snow
  207. it continues to pile up...
  208. Two Good Articles
  209. today on the hill...
  210. sleigh ride in low season
  211. the beginning of the end.....
  212. Utah trip
  213. dont always trust your GPS when in the back country
  214. Breckenridge
  215. No Aprils Fools!
  216. One For The Books....
  217. it aint over til we say it is!!!!
  218. a pretty slick fall....
  219. Darkest Night of the Year...
  220. Colorado
  221. for those who are lucky enough...
  222. Back to the cold
  223. Colorado Part 2
  224. Driving Over Loveland Pass
  225. Go Figure
  226. Aspen Re-Opens for Memorial Day
  227. Telluride report
  228. Heading to Cool Weather -- Maybe
  229. They skied A basin today....
  230. Mt. Elbert 14,430 ft.
  231. soon enough....
  232. It Begins!
  233. Morning Has Broken.....
  234. It snowed at the top of Waterville Valley today!!!!!
  235. really cool video.....
  236. where's the snow??
  237. Jackson Hole--where to stay
  238. Colorado entepreneurs
  239. Wolf Creek first to open in USA.....
  240. today at Copper MT
  241. Denver
  242. today at A Basin
  243. Denver part deux
  244. Hip Hip...Hooooray...
  245. skiing above the clouds
  246. first snow last night...
  247. Sweden Alpine Trainig video
  248. nice Boston Globe article...
  249. Their skiing in Wolf Creek
  250. There's a Bear In the House