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  1. If I recall, someone was considering a September trip. I'm sure their plans are firmed up by now, but for a nice trip report on Capri, take a look athttp://www.wimco.com/tripreports/tripcapri200408p1.
  2. Has anyone stayed in a villa in Tuscany, which I know covers a considerable area, that was really wonderful or can anyone recommend a villa agency that has been accurate and reliable?
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  7. I am in the process of working our our 20th anniversary trip for late summer. Our trip starts in Venice. I am looking at three hotels: 1) Hotel Bauer Il Palazzo 2) Europa & Regina (a Starwood prop
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  13. has anyone been to either island, any info,hotels, rest. etc
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  17. Only a few hours before our journey begins. Lately circumstances made us a bit nervous, so I will just cross my fingers and hope we will get the travelling over with. Air traffic control strike, snow
  18. Finally I have gotten my pics in some sort of order, and have sorted out some favorites. As I said before, as an experiment I used only the camera on my phone, and mostly automode -flash. I'm glad I d
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  22. We had a blissful, relaxing trip to Italy and are back to reality now, fat and happy. As always, it was the people that we met that made the trip special, from our cousins from Campobasso to our dear
  23. How to pay fine?
  24. not dead!!!
  25. oh well it could be worse, got ticket for the 23rd and got bumped to 1st class, 3 more days of fun
  26. Provence and Amalfi Coast
  27. We are thinking about a quick trip to Italy mid-May, spend a few days in Piemonte and a few days around Garda or Emilia-Romagna. Can anyone recommend any accommodation, the smaller and B&B-lik
  28. Tickets to Milano mid-May Alfa Romeo MiTo booked .. now just need to figure out where and what to do there from Wednesday to Monday. Couple of outlets for sure. Downtown Milan, Bol
  29. Borgo di Carpiano
  30. Has anyone been there for any length of time? We are going to Italy for a month and a half, Sardinia for 10 days. We're staying in Porto Cervo for 5 nights and we're looking for agriturismi with gr
  31. My wife's cousin is the Superior General de Congregazione Di Santa Croce in Rome and thanks to his Vatican license plates we were able to drive into the Vatican (saluted by the Swiss Guards at every
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