Scooter, ATV, and Motorcycle Rentals

St Barts Scooter, ATV, and Motorcycle Rentals

Scooters, motorcycles, and Quads/ATVs are a common sight on St Barts… especially used by locals / residents. They provide an easy way to travel around the island and they can make parking quick and easy. St Barts roads are very hilly and curvy, and when wet, the roads are very slippery. Riding a scooter or motorcycle can be dangerous so be aware of road conditions and pay attention while riding a scooter or motorcycle on the island.

Beranger Rentals

Beranger Rental is one of the oldest scooter, car and quad rental company on the island.
They are located in the center of Gustavia, and offer scooters and quads ATV rentals.
Beranger can also deliver your vehicle anywhere on the island.

Tel: +590 590-27-89-00
Email Beranger


Barthloc is located in Gustavia close to the harbor. They rent a wide selection of scooters, quads, and electric cars.

Tel: +590 0590-27-52-81
Cell: +590 0690-31-36-40
Web: Visit Barthloc
Email BarthLoc

St Barth Adventure

Unique on the island, St Barth Adventure offers year-round renting and organization of tours and outdoor activities with quad bikes. They also offer guided tours with a bilingual guide (English / French) who fully knows the island of St Barth.
Tel: +590 690-74-66-11
Web: St Barth Adventure
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